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The Saga Continues...

Thursday, August 5, 2010
My post about yesterday:

Mother freaking, curse word, curse word, expletive, expletive. :)

That's it. 

No, seriously... 

I went to the surgeon. He's not sure it's my gallbladder and wants to confirm before I have surgery. 

I understand and appreciate that. I like thoroughness.

They want to do a HIDA scan. 

Cool... not really. But, I'll pretend I'm cool with a test that must be so much fun they make sure you have someone to drive you home. Really cool. :( Someone I know that had one before said it made her really sick. Awesomeness. 

Guess when they originally scheduled the test... Friday, the 13th. No, I'm not superstitious, at least not about the number 13 (it was a family football number for years). 

But, I was not happy about waiting a week and a half to have a test done to see IF I should have a surgery. Then, waiting for the results. Then, waiting for the surgery. Then, waiting to recover. If I have the surgery at all. 

What the heck? What if it isn't my gallbladder? Wouldn't it be nice to get that ruled out quickly so that I can start feeling better sooner? I don't want to wait a week and a half, have the test, find out it's not my gallbladder and then see that I have to go back to doctor's offices and start all over to figure out what the heck it is. 

Is it really possible for me to be the only one that sees the problem here? In a building full of doctors??? 

Not happy. 

You know me... I am not going to let someone else control the situation (yes, all doctor's offices surely hate me). I called around and found a place to do the HIDA scan tomorrow (Friday the 6th) instead. I was a little worried my doctor's office wouldn't appreciate this, but I explained to them that I just didn't want to be sick for another week and they were really nice about it. 

They probably are sticking a little voodoo doll with pins as I write. lol 

But, I'm more happy now. Except that I have to have the test at all. Not excited about it, but at least it won't be a week until I have it. 

I'm so happy that I have such a wonderful mom and an awesome best friend to help me. My mom is going to watch the kids for me and Cilla and Brad are splitting up taking me and picking me up at the test. Thank you guys... you rock. :)


  1. SUCKS!! Just sucks! But, good for you for being proactive. It's really hard to side track doctors, but your health should come first and I think it's great that you took things on yourself. I hope the test goes well and you figure out what's going on. Seriously, if you need anything, let me know. Kristyn