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Andrea - 1, Gallbladder - 0... literally 0

Monday, August 16, 2010
I had surgery... that gallbladder is gone! If you don't want to hear all the details, it won't hurt my feelings at all. I hate reading medical info and all that, so don't feel like you have to read the next part. There won't be any talk of needles or blood or scalpels. I don't want to pass out at the computer or need to be fanned to finish typing, and I most certainly can't put my head between my knees and type at the same time, although it would probably be pretty funny to try. Sorry about the run-on, if you are English teachers or editors. I know it's not grammatically correct. :) 

We got to the hospital at 7. I wasn't really nervous. I think I've been building myself up for surgery for about a month, so I was really just happy to be getting this taken care of. It was about 7:30 when they called me back and started getting me ready. I changed into my super sexy hospital gown (hehe), got an IV in place, answered a gazillion questions about my medical history, and had a conversation with the anesthesiologist and nurse about medicine and my typically poor reaction to it. Man, Cilla, you were right... these anesthesiologists are GOOD. I didn't get sick when they knocked me out, at all. More on that in a sec. 

They go and get Brad to come in and see me for a few before they take me back to the operation room. I wanted him to be able to talk to the doctor's on my behalf, so I was glad he was there when the doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologists were there. They put a super sexy hair net on me. I told Brad I loved him, gave him a kiss, and off we went to the operating room. I said a little prayer on the way that I would come out without any problems... just to make sure that, while I knew God's will might be other than what I want, He would know for sure that I was really wanting to go home after the surgery. :) 

The operating room (and entire hospital, really) was cold. The operating room was probably really around 50 degrees. They gave me heated blankets, but it was still chilly. I was reminded of a House episode where Dr. House cranked on the AC on Dr. Wilson so that he could hurry him out of the OR and get it for himself. I wondered if that kind of thing really happened in real life. lol. See what I mean about digressions? 

They asked me a few more questions and told me I'd feel a little burning sensation in my hand. Liars. It felt like they stuck my hand in a burning fire. Then, they placed the oxygen mask on my face and it like suctioned to my face. I didn't like it and I remember thinking, "Damn, I wish I would have told them I didn't like the mask... I should have listened to Cilla about it." Oh well, after about two seconds, long enough to think that and chant to myself, "Just breathe and calm down." 

The next thing I know, some nurse is talking to me and I don't know where I'm at or what I'm doing. Brad is sitting beside of me and he has some huge grin on his face. All I can remember saying was, "Laprascopic?" I guess I was worried that they would have to open me up instead of doing the surgery laprascopically. Brad told me yes and the nurse got me some water and crackers. I was having really bad nausea and I felt completely dehydrated. My throat was killing me and I couldn't find words... I began to feel like poor little Jakey when he can't figure out how to say something. 

I asked Brad about five different times or maybe 500 times what the doctor said. He told me the same thing each time... the doctor said everything went great and I'd be going home soon. I asked the nurse a few dozen times about stitches. I just couldn't remember what all I had asked, even when I had just asked it. Perhaps the funniest thing (that I swear they made up) was that when they moved me to recovery, I must have been kind of awake (I don't remember it at all). They told me they were taking me to recovery to get me ready to go home and I started trying to take off my gown to get dressed. I was going to go home. lol. I must have taken off the hair net. Oh well, at least I didn't do anything really stupid. 

So, a few minutes after I woke up in recovery, they discharged me and told me I could get dressed. I started trying to dress myself, but I was so dizzy that I couldn't even see straight, much less dress myself. Poor Brad had to do it all for me. He thought it was interesting that he's normally trying to get me to undress instead of helping me to get dressed. :) How funny I thought he was. After I was all dressed in my own clothes, Brad went to pull the car around and I plopped myself into a wheelchair. Barely made it to the wheelchair because I had the distinct drunk feeling that I was going to fall completely forward on my face on the hard floor below. Somehow, I made it into the wheelchair and into the car. 

On the way home, we stopped to drop off my prescriptions at Walgreens and Brad had to get some food. He hadn't eaten all morning. He asked me if I wanted anything. I told him I wanted cucumbers and a bunch of salt. I don't really even like cucumbers that much. I like them, but not enough to really sit and eat them with salt. Although, as a child, I used to eat them with my cousin, Leigh Anne, who really loved them. Her mom had had gallbladder surgery, so maybe I was just thinking about her because of that on some subconscious level. 

Brad was going to take me home and then run back out to the store to pick up a couple of things and my prescriptions. He got me home and my little man greeted me at the door. I think I terrified him. I was practically falling over and trying to be completely sober and standing up straight. But, that just wasn't happening. I showed him my boo-boos, which made him wring his little hands. He was still really impressed by them and kept asking me to see them again. I told him I wasn't feeling good and that it was my nap time. I made it to my bed and Brad and Kathy got me some water. 

Now, before I go any further, I just have to say that my mother-in-law rocks. My parents work and wanted to be here today, but I asked them to stay home. For one, I didn't want a full house of people and two, I wanted to make sure that we staggered everyone so that if I did need more help later in the week, they'd be available to help. Kathy, my superhero mother-in-law, was wonderful. She had my bed all ready for me to crawl into. She had bought me a couple of magazines to read. She had fixed me a huge glass of ice water in my favorite water cup (it's a hospital cup with a straw). She took wonderful care of my babies, cooked food for them and for Brad, and then cleaned up the entire kitchen. Brad could have done it all, I'm sure, but I would have been trying to clean up messes all day tomorrow. God blessed me with an amazing family and that extends way beyond my parents, husband, kids, and brothers. My in-laws are just as fabulous as they are.  I just can't say that enough. Thank you so much, Kathy. I really, really appreciate it. 

OK. So I crash out in my bed at around 11 or so. Brad comes to check on me at about 2 and I wake up thinking that I'm still in the hospital. I ask him, "Is it over?" He just cracked up. He told me we were home and all that. I began remembering little things. Then, Jake came in to see me and give me hugs and kisses. He was so gentle and sweet. He made sure not to touch my belly and hugged me with his cheeks instead of his whole body. It was still a great hug. :) 

Kathy went and picked up Bailey and she was surprised about the surgery. I showed her that I was fine and that I had boo boos. She wanted to see the stitches, even though I'm quite sure she would have thrown up if I had. :) Of course, I wasn't about to take off the bandages, at least for two days. 

I ate a bagel, drank a gallon or two of water for my sore throat, made a few calls, and went back to bed. That's basically where I have spent most of the day. I have walked around and eaten some salad and rice. And I'm feeling pretty good. I'm really sore and very bloated feeling from the gas they pump into you for laprascopic surgery, but overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm going to go back to bed now... :) 

Again, guys, I can't thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. You all mean the world to me... love you!


  1. Kelly said...:

    Andrea - I am so glad to hear (or read) that everything went well. Take it easy as long as possible and we will be thinking/praying for you.