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Just around the corner

Monday, August 2, 2010
Just for fun... 

I was thinking about my favorite things about fall today. You know, it's right around the corner. Naturally, I was thinking about it. Doesn't everyone think of random crap like this on a hot summer day?

Usually, I'd be really sad that summer is ending soon. And, I still am a little bit. I'll miss the pool and the lake... and the baseball field... and grilling out. I'll miss lots of my favorites. But, I'm kind of ready for it. I don't know why... but I kind of am. It's weird. 

I was listing off my favorite things about fall... and it turned into a reasoning of why I like each season. But because I don't want to write a book, at least not tonight, here are my favorite things about fall... 

I love hoodies and boots and sweaters... and the fact that white shoes are "out." I hate white shoes (at least dressy ones anyway). 

I love apple cider, even if I only have it once in a season. 

I love pumpkins and mums... and scarecrows... together. And I love visiting our local pumpkin patch in the fall. 

I love the smell of the morning air in the fall. I love it all year round, really, but especially in the fall. It reminds me of Saturday mornings when I was young and we'd be at the football field at 7 a.m. to get ready for youth football games. 

I love hot chocolate and caramel apples... together. I know. It sounds gross. But I love it anyway.

I love apple pie (can you tell I haven't eaten any good food since this gallbladder thing?!) :) 

I love different colored leaves and I love to rake them, even though I don't do it enough. 

I love football. Oh, how I love football. I love my husband almost as much as I love football... oops, did I say that right? :) If he didn't love it more than me, I'm sure he'd be mad. 

I love fantasy football, too. I'm going to smoke them all this year. I don't know how, but I'm gonna. :) 

I love the smell of the heat when it's turned on the first time... even if it burns my nose a little. 

I love to try new hats on the kids... and I love to see them in jackets. 

I can't believe that this wasn't the first one. I love, love, love jackets. It is a fetish. I had a friend ask one time, ridiculing someone else, "Who has more than one red jacket?" I still laugh about it because my response was, "I have three." lol. 

I love bonfires and marshmallows and all that comes with a good bonfire, including the snuggly arms of someone you love and a blanket. 

I love blankets. I love them year round... but I especially love them when you wrap up in them and sit on your back porch with hot chocolate. 

I love fall... 

I still love summer though. And still don't have any plans of rushing it away. :)