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My Little Speaker

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
To distract myself from my growling stomach and my aching side and back, I am up sewing cornhole bags. Yippee. :) Actually, my sewing machine is embroidering cornhole bags, so I'm sitting on the computer, waiting for it to finish so that I can sew them. 

Anyway... I thought I'd do a quick update, since I haven't already, about Jake's speech therapy. 

I believe that the last time I posted anything about this we were still waiting to hear from the speech therapist. Sorry if I'm wrong and have posted more... 

I talked to the speech therapist that did Jake's evaluation about a week after we went in. She reported that he was in need of therapy two times a week for 30 minutes each session. Nothing that she told me surprised me... we were very aware of the areas that he did well in and the areas he didn't do well in. The only real surprise in the conversation was the fact that she failed to check to see if he would qualify for anything through the school system. I had asked for her to let me know if he would qualify for Early Start or for the speech therapy component of the Early Start program. She didn't. When I asked why, her response was that they felt that one-on-one attention at their office was more beneficial. I think that they really thought the $80 out-of-pocket-after-insurance co-pay was more important. Sorry. I know business is business, but really? So, I called back to the Early Start office (we had already talked once and they weren't able to get him in to get evaluated until August). I talked to the lady in the office, who indicated that she thought if he qualified with one therapist, he'd qualify for another. So, we wait until they come back in to the office on Wednesday. We'll schedule an appointment at that time to see if he qualifies for Early Start or just for speech therapy or anything at all. For free. :) 

Yes, God is teaching me patience this week. :) He's trying to at least... I'm not a very good student. :) 

I love my baby boy... he's going to be a fine speaker one day... I just know it. :)


  1. Kelly said...:

    After reading your post about Jake and his speech I just wanted to ask if his hearing was checked the day he went in for his evaluation? It was only when Isaac's hearing was checked that we discovered he had fluid in both ears (because the pediatrician never saw it and always said his ears were perfect) which in turn messed with his speech and hearing. So from there we had tubes put in which have been wonderful! Just wanted to throw that out there to you.

  1. cheryl said...:

    Just to let you know ... if you participate in Early Start, you get more therapy time than if you don't. We had a friend who only took her son in for the "free" speech therapy, and her time kept getting cut back because she opted to keep him in private preschool instead of using the Early Start option. We love our speech therapist at the twins school, and both boys get lots of time with her because they are in the program. Good luck!

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Kelly - I am hoping to have his hearing checked too. I wanted to see what the therapist says... and see if they have a person that they recommend to do his hearing screening. It is something I've worried about, even though he seems to hear everything just fine. I still worry that there's something going on there.

    Cheryl - thank you for telling me that. Another friend had her son in Early Start because of a speech delay and she said the same thing. Plus, I really think it would benefit Jake to be around some other kids in a structured environment. He isn't the social butterfly his sister is (thank God, I don't think we could handle two!). :)

  1. Kelly said...:

    Andrea - If I could just suggest to you, take him to an ENT. I took Isaac for a hearing test with an audiologist and had to then go to an ENT because of the fluid. If you go to an ENT to begin with the doctor can check his ears and then have the test done in the office. Just a suggestion but it might save you some time with appointments.

    I also hope you hear back from the Early Start program tomorrow. Please keep us posted. Even though he isn't "mine" I still worry about him because I know what it was like with Isaac before the tubes.