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Living by the "List"

In April of 2010, I decided I wanted to do some things in my life that I hadn't done before. I had so many ideas, I couldn't contain them. Thus, my project to live my life to the fullest was born and thus my blog was redefined. Read here and more here to learn more about how this all progressed. 

I have made my life list and it keeps growing. I can't even begin to stop adding things. So, I'm going to list what I have here, but know that it will likely change constantly. :) I was trying to stick to around 100 things, but well, I tried. I'm envisioning a whole round of additions in the near future.

I hope that this list will help you think of things that you want to do in life that you haven't taken the chance to do. Hopefully, it will inspire you to live your life to the fullest, in whatever way satisfies you. And, remember, it is YOUR list. YOUR life. Do it YOUR way. 


My List (Changing Daily)
1. Parasailing at the beach

      Read about my progress here
2. Serve the homeless
3. Habitat for Humanity
4. Planting a wildflower garden like my great-grandmother's
5. Learn to plant a vegetable garden Completed Summer 2010!
      Read about it here
6. Learn to make jewelry
7. Make a memory quilt for my parents
8. Research my family tree
9. Go to a UK football game Completed September 2010

    Read about it here 
10. Go to a UK basketball game
11. Go to the NCAA basketball Championships NCAA Championships 2010 Duke versus Butler (After Duke defeated WVU in the Final Four Game we attended and Butler defeated Michigan State University – Indianapolis, Indiana)
      Read about The Final Four! 
12. Go to a NCAA football Bowl game (preferably WVU’s game)
13. Run a 5k Ran my first 5K at the Buffalo Chase on July 3, 2010 - Time was 32:58 (unofficially) 32:51 (officially)
      Read about my training here
14. Participate in a triathlon or a duathalon or both
15. Take Bailey to see her first concert  Taylor Swift at Rupp Arena on April 29, 2010
      Read about Our Fabulous Night! 
      See pictures here!
16. Go back to see Taylor Swift. :)
17. See Dave Matthews in concert again, preferably with Bret, Cilla, Rebecca, and Paul. :)
18. Swim with dolphins
19. Learn to ride a horse (without feeling terrified)
20. Teach Bailey and Jake how to shoot bows and arrows
21. Teach Bailey and Jake how to ski
22. Ski in Colorado, Vermont, and/or Canada
23. Visit Savannah, Georgia Vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC - June 19-26, 2010
       Read about Our Trip! 
24. Visit Charleston, South Carolina Vacation to South Carolina and Dunedin, Florida - June 2011
       Read about Our Trip! 

25. Travel outside of the country
26. Participate in a mission trip (this might have to wait until the kids are older)
27. Teach Bailey to tie her shoes 
Completed April 2011
       Read about it here
28. Teach Jake to walk into a room and feel confident with himself (no nail biting)
29. Go to the Super Bowl - hehehehe.... definitely have to win the lottery for this one
30. Learn how to write HTML code
31. Learn how to decorate cakes (beyond the little stars that I can do)
32. Learn to play guitar
33. Camp out with the kids Completed June 2011
       Read about it here
34. Ride a four-wheeler (again)
35. Drive a motorcycle
36. Snowboard… without injuring myself
37. Ice skate
38. Teach my kids to make crawdads fight
39. Learn to golf
40. Teach Bailey and Jake how to play tennis
41. Build a children’s boutique that features specialty clothing, including items that I make
42. Visit Hawaii
43. See a volcano
44. Learn to surf
45. Sing karaoke
46. Get tickets for Brad and Jake to see a motocross competition together... just so I could hear about the look on Jake's face. It's crazy to see how much a motorcycle can impact a little boy - it's genetic.
47. Take the kids to a monster truck show
48. Help the kids learn to throw and kick a football
49. Go snorkeling
50. Go deep sea fishing
51. Read these books: http://www.newsweek.com/id/204478 Yep… all of them.

      Read about my progress here
52. Help my kids learn (and love) to read and read them the Little House on the Prairie books (my mom read them to us as kids)
53. Organize all of my photos and family videos (this will probably never happen because I can’t ever get caught up!).
54. Catch fireflies with my kids Completed June 2011
      Read about it here
55. Find a way to organize kids’ toys… really…
56. Raise money for breast cancer awareness (think at least $5,000)
57. Read the entire Bible from beginning to end
58. Get my kids a dog and teach them to take care of it
59. Learn to water ski
60. Grow old with the love of my life by my side
61. Go to Vegas… and gamble a lot. A whole lot.
62. Go to the Kentucky Derby
63. Visit New Orleans, but not during Mardi Gras – that would be too many people for me to handle…
64. Visit Los Angeles
65. Drink a green beer - St. Patrick's Day Celebration 2011 - March 13, 2011

      Read about Green Beer here!
66. Take my kids to Disney world
67. Have an in-ground pool
68. Get a couple’s massage
69. Learn to save money for Christmas to give our credit cards a break
70. Pay off our credit cards – HAHAHAHAHA! I know… it is hilarious.
71. Take a world geography class or at least attempt to learn where various countries are located, since I have absolutely no knowledge of these things.
72. Have a Halloween party, complete with costumes and bobbing for apples
73. Host Christmas dinner at my home
74. Go some place really fascinating for New Year’s Eve
75. Do a tour of New England, including Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia, complete with historical tourist stops
76. See the Grand Canyon
77. Climb a mountain… like really hike and climb a mountain not a hill in eastern Kentucky
78. Go to Nashville and watch the country music stars at the CMA Music Festival
79. Teach Jake to pedal his bike
80. Teach Bailey to ride without training wheels
81. Win the lottery so that we can actually do this traveling before I turn 80. :)
82. Capture a caterpillar and watch it turn into a butterfly with the kids
83. Milk a cow
84. Take the kids to the circus - Went to the circus at Rupp Arena - August 27, 2010
      Read about it here 
85. Spend an entire day wandering the hills where I grew up with my own children… showing them the blackberry bushes that my grandparents and I picked berries from and the little “pond” where I thought a huge turtle lived
86. Teach my kids to appreciate everything they have… even if it means sacrificing all of the things on my list to show them what is really important in this world
87. Learn to can vegetables
88. Learn at least ten new recipes each year

      2010 - COMPLETE!
      Read about my progress here
89. Read all of the “Fifty Books Every Kindergartener Should Read” with both of the kids this summer

      Read about my progress here
90. Learn to speak Spanish
91. Learn to paint… not walls and stuff… like paintings
92. Go to a Nascar race
93. Learn to tango (with Brad, who will object vehemently… scratch that… he just said he would… I think he’s the best man in the world.)
94. Sit on top of a mountain and watch the sunset with my family
95. Learn to toss a lasso properly
96. Go to a rodeo
97. Stay in a lavish hotel with room service and a poolside bar (again, since we did that for our honeymoon)
98. Get a famous person’s autograph
99. Make homemade ice cream
100. Fly kites with the kids on the beach Vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC - June 19-26, 2010

      Read about It Here! 
101. Wake up early with each child and take them to find seashells at the beach… one at a time Vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC - June 19-26, 2010
      Read about It Here! 
102. Sit on a covered porch during a thunderstorm
103. Help other people do things on their lists… like I’m totally taking Cilla to play putt-putt golf. Complete - Vacation 2011
      Read about Our Trip! 
104. Find a recipe for tea that I actually like
105. Jump in a pile of leaves again
106. Buy Brad a motorcycle because I love him and he wants one so bad. Guess the surprise is out on that one?!
107. Ride a jet ski – no I have never done that, can you believe it?!

And the 30 Additions from my 30th Birthday
Here are my 30 additions to the list: :)

1. Run a half marathon Complete April 30, 2011
      Read about it here
2. Go white water rafting
3. Restaurants on Man Versus Food - try some, but not sure how many yet. :)
4. Go snow tubing at a ski resort
5. Fly fishing
6. Whale watching
7. Pay It Forward at least one time each month for a year
8. Go mountain biking at Snowshoe Mountain (or a similar place)
9. Go to Dollywood with the kids
10. Go to a professional football game (again)
11. Run a marathon (Awww…. I don’t know about this one. I keep deleting it, so don’t be surprised if it comes off of here).
12. Write a book…
13. … get said book published.
14. Take the kids on an airplane
15. Take a nap in a hammock
16. Take a girls' trip with some of my favorite friends for more than just a day (thinking Nashville in April... :)) Complete April 30, 2011
     Read about it here
17. Visit all 50 states
18. Take a cooking class
19. Host a beer and/or bourbon and/or wine tasting party at our house
20. Visit the tourist-y hot spots in Kentucky (ie the Bourbon Trail, Natural Bridge, Mammoth Caves, etc.)
21. Stay at the Greenbrier in West Virginia (not at the Greenbrier Inn – hahaha)
22. Go to an auction and actually win something – a live auction, not Ebay people. :) Although, I love Ebay. I honestly don’t even care about what I’m buying most times… I just want to win.
23. Use a cowbell at a high school football game (again)
24. Go on a cruise
25. Play racquetball
26. Take the kids on a train ride (probably in Cass, WV)
27. Try to ice skate (an attempt is enough to mark this off the list. I know "learning" to ice skate is unlikely. lol)
28. Go sailing on a sailboat
29. See the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
30. Grow my blog to have at least 100 followers, officially