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Advancing on...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
We are making progress with the potty-training! Jake is now going nearly all the time on the potty, wearing diapers only at night and in the car. I truly cannot believe it. It's like a light just came on and he decided that he would do it. Now, I do have to remind him about every 30 minutes if he hasn't gone, but still, he goes to the potty and actually goes. It's funny how kids just make their own decisions about things sometimes. Bailey did the same thing. We had tried and tried to get her trained before Jake was born. She just wasn't interested. Then, one day that summer, she just decided she would do it. And that was that. We still have to teach him to stand up to go, but I think that will come easily. He's really excited about his Spiderman underwear, which seems to make all the difference. Maybe with a little encouragement about standing like Spiderman, it will all come together! :)

While Bailey doesn't have the same type of progress to make, she has been very busy. This week has been incredibly busy for her, as she has gone to Bible School every evening. She really seems to be enjoying it. I'm not sure what all they do, since she doesn't really ever tell me (she's always forgetting). However, she's very excited about going back. The teachers say she is doing well and that they have been talking about Jesus and playing camping games. She is most definitely our social butterfly, entering the classroom and introducing herself to each child there. I'm so proud of her confidence. I know it's not easy for her because I can see her insecurity, but she goes right in and makes herself accessible to the other kids. It's really good for her to handle new environments so easily, especially right now. We are working on getting her into a local christian school for preschool and, assuming she gets in, she will be starting a new class at the end of August. I think she's going to really enjoy it. She keeps asking me if she is starting "Flower Garden." That's what she calls Kindergarden. I love it that she still says these adorable things. Too cute.

We have really enjoyed a wonderful summer. We've spent a lot of time outdoors, fishing, swimming, and boating. We've had fun at music events in the park, walks through our neighborhood, and a few trips to eastern Kentucky. We've actually watched several movies via the drive-in theater and dollar theaters. Brad and I even had a date night last week, when Brad's mom kept the kids for us for a couple of days. Don't worry, we didn't just pawn them off for a date. They went swimming, to a movie, shopping for toys, visiting their cousin's house in West Virginia, and eating out at McDonald's (a couple of times). They had a mini-vacation in about two days that would equate just about any other normal child's entire summer. We have been very spoiled. And, yes, our checkbook feels it. BUT... it has been worth it. For all of you moms out there looking for a date night: If you like comedies, even a little bit, you should definitely go and watch The Hangover. That's the movie Brad and I went to watch last week. I'm not big into comedies at all. I like them about 1/8th of the time. This was probably the funniest movie I have ever seen. Definitely a must-see on my list. :)

OK... That's it for tonight!

Fun Times...

Saturday, July 11, 2009
I know I'm getting worse about this! Maybe it's just the summer time. I'll blame that! All is well in the Ooten household. We're making big progress with Bailey and swimming... she will now go under water and can actually swim on her own in the big pool! She is just swimming in short distances and doesn't really love going under, but she's doing wonderfully. I'm guessing that it's time to get her in those swimming lessons that I've been hesitant about.

Jake is also making progress (or so he thinks, anyway)... in other areas. I have been attempting some potty training to guage if he's ready. We've done this off and on several times, as he shows interest in the potty, but doesn't really ever go on the potty. So, I put big boy underwear on him on Wednesday. He looked adorable. He peed almost immediately. Then, about 5 minutes after changing into a second set, he peed again. Five minutes after that mess... yes, again. I don't think he ever quite finished what he started initially, as it was all in small puddles. On the fourth set of underwear (his least favorite pair), I made a phone call to work. I thought it would be good timing since I was sure he was done for a little bit. While on the phone, I see a naked two-year old streaking past me with a wild grin on his face. After about 20 minutes on the phone (and yes, he was still naked), I look over to see him standing on the ottoman doing some kind of dance. I go over to find that he has laid out about three different bowls from Bailey's kitchen and is standing on the ottaman, peeing into them. Yes, he understands how his body works, but apparently going on the potty is not nearly as fun as torturing your sister by peeing on (or into) her toys. Ah... the joys of motherhood. I, of course, was still on the phone and trying to hold back my laughter and frustration and still sound somewhat professional. I yanked him down from the couch and cleaned up the mess before Bailey could see what happened. Oh how she would have shrieked! And followed that with an immediate gagging sound. :)

Yes... life sure is interesting with a two-year old boy...

So, some of the pictures that I promised a while back. Yes, we did finally find a cord at home that would work with my camera. I've just taken a couple of weeks to actually post them. :) And, there are quite a few... so I hope you enjoy...