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Bye, Bye, Bye

Friday, February 29, 2008
I probably say or think it 100 times a day - my kids are growing up way too fast. Just one more sign...

Yesterday, I dropped them off a the babysitter's house and was walking out the door. I had just looked at Jake and waved, saying "Bye-bye bub..." To my surprise, he waved his little hand and said, "Bye, bye, bye." Of course, my heart melted.

Just a little weak stomach...

Monday, February 25, 2008
I took one look at my mom's face and knew that something had happened when she took Bailey to the bathroom at the mall. They were heading toward me, both with a frazzled look on their faces. I looked down at Bailey and saw that her pants were wet. I assumed she'd had an accident.

"What's wrong," I asked. "She didn't make it to the bathroom?"

Mom almost laughed and began to tell me about her experience. In mid-sentence, Bailey blurted out to me, "I pooked, mom... I pooked."

I knew instantly what had happened. You see, I have a daughter who is incredibly affected by any bad smells, sights, tastes, etc. to the effect that she will throw up if she is near the "bad" thing for more than a second. The bathroom had smelled terrible, and as soon as she had entered, she had started to gag. My mom, trying to help her get over this affliction, had put her on the potty, held her nose and encouraged her not to think about it. It was too late. Bailey puked all over her Mimi's coat and purse, and all over herself. She told her Mimi, just a little too late, "I gotta get outta here."

The look on my mom's face was priceless...

Note to anyone taking Bailey to the bathroom, if she starts to gag, get her out as quickly as possible. :)

Icy Weather

Thursday, February 21, 2008
"Come in my tent," Bailey says to me regularly. Most of the time, I put her off, asking her to wait until I get dinner done, or the dishes loaded in the dishwasher, or any number of other daily chores. Today is different though. Having left work early because of the icy weather, I had a few extra moments to spare.

I pretend to knock on the door and I'm greeted with, "Well come in... thank you for coming." Seriously, is my daugther only going on three? :) She then invites me to have a snack or some tea. When I pretend that I am not interested in a snack, she insists... "It's so yummy." I am reminded of my grandmother and her desperate need to make sure we have all been fed, repeatedly. It's interesting to think that maybe all of these years of watching her fix plates for people who have said they aren't hungry could truly be genetic.

Jake sticks his head in the tent while we are "eating" scared to death that he might be missing something. He scrunches up his nose in a cute, sneaky-looking grin. He pulls his way through the tent door and heads for the smallest toy he can find that he can put in his mouth. He picks it up, looks at me with yet another sneaky grin, and pops it in his mouth. Ah, how things are going to be so much harder now that he understands what I don't want him to do.

A little while later, Brad gets home and the kids are yelling out "Daddy" and running (and crawling) to meet him at the door in excitement. He has to feel like a hero when he gets home everyday. I've never seen two children (and a dog) greet someone with more love and energy.

Watching my two little ones, I realize (for at least the millionth time this week) that they are growing up way too fast. Thank God for giving us icy weather and some extra time.