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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I turned my head for a split second. The kids were in the bath tub and I was standing at the door, watching them play. Jake, as usual, was standing in the tub with a full cup of bath water attempting to pour it back into the tub (or floor). I looked away (at what I still don't know) for a split second. I looked at him again and could see him, in slow motion, falling out of the tub onto his head. He flopped over and I grabbed him up, only to see a huge black knot forming. A bruise was already appearing around his eye and I was terrified that he could have a concussion. A few minutes later, and a few frantic phone calls later, he was playing like normal with the only sign of his fall being a knot and bruise. I was the scarred one - worried now to even move an inch from him when he's in the tub, scared to death that he could have been seriously hurt.

That was on Friday. On Sunday, we were all shopping at Wal-mart (yay for grocery shopping!). Bailey had been wild and was strapped into the cart. She decided, as she does at every public place we visit, that she needed to go to the restroom. I pulled her out of the cart and began rushing toward the front of the store. She starts to stumble and I try to prevent her from falling. As I grasped at her, she turned around and fell on her back, hitting her head on the concrete floor. Everyone, including my own husband, looked at me like I had pushed her. It was terrible. I looked at all of the people in the aisle, staring at me like I was abusive, glanced at Jake with his pump knot on his head and thought for sure that I'd be taken to jail because my kids keep falling.

Snow Angels

Sunday, March 9, 2008
SNOW! It finally REALLY snowed here! Bailey was so excited... even Jake seemed excited when I opened up the blinds on the sliding glass door. He stood mouth to glass, drooling over the snow. Well... OK... he does that everyday, but he was still pretty pumped.

Bailey and I bundled up to go outside Saturday morning. She was dressed in a 24 month size blue snowsuit (a hand-me-down for Jake from our babysitter), even though she can easily wear a 3T in everything. Her gloves were also a little snug, and her boots... well, they weren't snow boots, so they got wet pretty quickly. Despite my obvious unpreparedness (hey - we haven't had a real snow to warrant a snowsuit and boots since she's been born!), we had a wonderful time. She threw miniature snowballs at me, between huge bites of the snow. We attempted to make a snowman, but it kept falling apart, so we made a small snowman and then tackled it to the ground. We took big steps and little steps to see our footprints and I laughed as Bailey slid down her slide a little bit faster than usual because of the ice.

The best part, though, was making snow angels. Bailey and I "make" snow angels at home all the time. We have pretend snowball fights and drop to the ground to make snow angels at least once a week. It's probably one of her favorite things to pretend doing. Making a real snow angel just seemed extra special... it just doesn't snow enough around here. Or maybe I'm wrong. If it snowed all the time, I probably would take this moment for granted like I do so many other things.

Comfort Food

Friday, March 7, 2008
Everyone knows I love to eat and I love to eat good food, like cakes, cookies, candies, etc. :) I just can't help it... blame it on my parents or grandparents, or whoever you want, but there's something comforting about it. I think my daughter has inherited this. As soon as she saw the snow this morning, she decided we needed a movie, some popcorn, and a blanket... at 9 a.m. Wonderful breakfast - popcorn with extra butter. :)

Next round... lunch. The menu? Soup and a sandwich (a cinnamon sandwich as Bailey calls it - buttered toast with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on it). And for dessert? Homemade cookies (OK... the homemade kind that you buy at the store and stick on a cookie sheet). :)

Technology Junkies

My best friend (and the most awesome photographer ever), Priscilla (www.priscillabaierleinphotography.com), came over last weekend to do pictures of us with the kids. Be prepared - within the next week, there will be an onslaught of these all over this blog space. We had a great time taking lots of fun pictures. Jake was adorable when we did pictures with daddy and a football. I can take one look at these pictures and my heart completely melts. So adorable...

While Cilla was here, I was reminded of how big of technology junkies my babies are. Every time that we sat Jake down to take pictures of him, he would take off crawling to Cilla to get to her camera. At one point, he nearly touched it, holding his little hand out and breathing heavily, as if he were dying of thirst and she was holding the last bottle of water. We all laughed, thinking of this similarity to his older sister. When Bailey was just a little older than one year, she sat down at our computer desk, placed her hands on the keyboard and began pretending to type. We thought that was adorable, but we were shocked when she reached up and started moving the mouse around.

Maybe that's a sign that we spend way too much time on the computer... or a sign that they just might be a lot like their daddy. :)