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Mean, but sweet

Friday, August 29, 2008
It's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged - my apologies since I know you know the next few will be long to get caught up! :)

My grandmother passed away about two weeks ago and it's been hard getting back into the routine of blogging. She was a wonderful grandmother and will be missed... is already missed by many.

The kids didn't really seem to understand what was going on, and I was so lucky to have my mother-in-law take care of them while we attended the visitation and funeral. Poor woman... she was stuck with the little hellions about 5 times in about a two week timeframe. I think she has had her fill for a while! :)

You probably think I'm terrible for saying I could see how she'd have her fill, but you have to understand what we're now dealing with.

Bailey is becoming more bossy (no, we didn't think that was possible). She is beginning to understand the concept of time (tomorrow, yesterday, now). Now is probably the most important of these. Every time we have a request from Bailey, the word "NOW" is added to the end. If you don't acknowledge her needs or wants immediately, she repeats herself louder and louder until you either give in or have a breakdown. :)

Jake is also becoming more difficult in his demands. He is learning a few words at a time. His favorite new word is "ow si" (translation: outside). He stands at our backdoor, banging on the window, crying "ow si." Of course, it rained for one of the first times this summer this week, so he was very upset by our negative response to his request. When Jake doesn't get his way, he now resorts to throwing toys, laying in the floor and hitting things, crying, and hitting whatever is in his path (toys, doors, walls, Bailey). Perhaps the worst part about Jake is his ability to climb on top of everything. I've never been around a little one that can climb onto the table with his speed. What's bad is that he doesn't realize he can fall, or just doesn't care that he can. So, I can't turn my head for a second. Brad actually has decided to turn the chairs upside down, which works until he figures out how to move a toy to the table to use as a stool.

So, things are difficult when you have these two for a long period of time. :) But, they are also both very sweet and affectionate. Bailey can melt your heart when she (out of the blue) tells you how she loves you. Jake will surprise you with a huge (and very tight) hug around the neck and open-mouth kiss. Even at their meanest, I can't help but think they are also the sweetest little ones in the world.

Some beach pictures

Monday, August 11, 2008
Well, I've promised them long enough and keep putting off deciding which pictures to upload... SO... here are a couple beach pictures from our vacation (over a month ago)!

You can also check out my myspace page at www.myspace.com/andreaooten and click on pics to see the rest of them! Let me know if you have trouble getting to them and I'll see if I can save them someplace else!

Our Little Computer Guru

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Thanks to Mimi, Bailey has discovered a whole new world in the computer. Sadly, we have been reluctant to let Bailey on the computer. I know it's awful, but she's an addictive type child and we really didn't want to get her used to going on the computer to play and not coming off of it for hours. But... now she knows that there are wonderful games and shows from Nick Jr. and Noggin on the computer.

And so, the obsession has begun. Last night, she played on the computer for at least two hours. She cried when we made her get off the computer, stomping her feet and telling us that she's going to be smarter because of the computer. All very true, I'm sure, but bedtime nonetheless. She really has developed quickly, learning to "click it" on just about everything and figuring out how to select and restart the games that she likes. We are impressed by how quickly she is picking it up. And, it will be a good thing for her to learn... I'm just hoping that it doesn't interefere with my work, since I do work from home three days a week and need to access the computer from time to time.


Curiosity is a wonderful thing. I'm thrilled that Bailey wants to understand everything - how things work, why things happen, what things are, etc. But, most recently, it is exhausting me. Bailey's favorite phrases right now tend to be Why? and Where? Most commonly, I hear questions about why we work, why we need money, and why she can't get on the computer right now. It doesn't matter that I give her the answer at least 10 times each day, she asks to make sure it's not changing. Every time we get in the car, I'm asked where we are going. She then counters with her choice of where we should be going, typically to Mamaw's, Mimi's, or Mickey's house. When I say that we might go later, I of course hear the why question. Upon explanation, I get questions about which direction Mamaw's or Mimi's or Mickey's house is from where we are. It's constant. And I am really trying to be patient about it all. After all, she probably gets this from me. I can remember asking my dad why questions repeatedly as a child and I can remember him patiently responding the same answers. I'm just hoping that she asks some new ones...

First Time Away From Home

Monday, August 4, 2008
We all had a first experience this weekend... the kids stayed away from home, giving us an opportunity to rebuild our back deck (the railings were completely coming off because of the overly unintelligent man that lived here before us). I was genuinely grateful for our parents taking the kids. It was a much-needed opportunity to fix the deck and a much-needed moment for me and Brad to hang out together.

The kids went to my mom's and dad's on Friday night to stay and then went to Brad's mom's to stay on Saturday night. It was a great experience for me, Brad, and both kids. None of us seemed to grow very homesick for each other... I think Bailey would have even been happy to stay a little longer (Jake was ready to come home though - he clung to me all day on Sunday, afraid I was going out of the room without him). We'll see if the grandparents are as eager to spend a weekend with them again... from what I hear, they stayed up late both nights and were up at about 5:30 each morning. :)

Bailey came home telling me all about her time at Mimi and Poppa's. She had a wonderful conversation at the park with a little boy, in which he was telling her that his dad had just got a new job and was going to make lots of money. Bailey responded that her daddy didn't have a good job, but that her mommy had a good job. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I heard her expert opinion. For those of you who don't know, Brad's salary nearly doubles mine. But, in her defense, my job allows me to be home with her more than Brad's job does, making her think that my job is obviously better. Too much for a three-year old to be concerned with, don't you think?

She also came home telling me about the great time that she had at her Mamaw's, riding the riding lawnmower (the blade was not on), swimming in her baby pool, and chasing the cat. She also made sure to tell me that her new friend, James, has a motorcycle. She was totally impressed. :)

Brad and I also had a good time without the kids. We rented a movie on Friday night and I spent most of the evening crying. No, not over missing the kids... we watched "P.S. I Love You," which is now officially the second saddest movie I've ever seen (Million Dollar Baby being the first). Brad was even choked up for most of the evening. It was just so freaking sad, but so good too. If something ever happens to Brad, expect me to act just like she does in the movie (should you ever watch it). We spent most of Saturday and Sunday working, but enjoyed dinner at the Outback on Saturday night, and actually went to the movies and watched "Dark Knight." It was great! Believe it or not, this was the first time we have gone to the movies in Lexington since we have lived here!!! THREE YEARS! We have gone to I think 4 movies since Bailey has been born, but all have been in Ashland or Huntington so that grandparents can babysit. We seriously need to get lives outside of the kids, but you know... that just comes with the territory. We wouldn't trade it for all the movies in the world. :) But, I have to emphasize that we really enjoyed the break. Thank you to Mimi, Poppa, Colt, Cory, Angela, Mamaw Kathy, and James. We really appreciate the help this weekend.