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The Catcher in the Rye

Friday, August 13, 2010
I finished my first book on the 100 Books to Read portion of my list (that is quite possibly changing soon). As I mentioned before, when I start looking at this list of books, there are just some that I really can't get motivated to read. I have read some of them... and I might re-read them, just because. But, there are at least 10 books on this list that I am just not that interested in reading... books that I just know I will struggle to finish. 

But, until I can make a decision about this "list" of books, there are plenty of others for me to read.  And, I finished one! WOO HOO! I have done something in the past few weeks to at least somewhat contribute to my list. :) I visited the library and picked up two books about a week ago... I think I mentioned this already, but the two books were The Catcher in the Rye and Gulliver's Travels. I started out with Gulliver's Travels.  I like it. It is not an easy read though. It's not complicated, but I have a hard time getting into something that I have to spend a tremendous amount of time focused on how it's written. It's a bad thing... I am picky about these things. I love to read different literary works. I love different perspectives (this could be a whole other post in and of itself). I love to learn.

But, some days, I want to just read to read. Not for anything other than pure enjoyment and simple understanding. It is sometimes an escape. Most times, it is an escape. Not that I dislike my reality at all. I just love to escape into a good book and feel like I am actually in a whole other world. 

An escape was exactly what I needed last weekend, while I impatiently waited to find out what in the world could possibly be going on with me and my gallbladder. :) Not to mention that the kids were completely satisfied to hang out in their playroom in their jammies for hours and Brad was off golfing... 

Gulliver's Travels just wasn't doing it for me. Brad had started reading The Catcher in the Rye and told me it was pretty good. I picked it up. And finished it on Sunday. 

I really enjoyed it. But you know what? It just ended. If you've read it, you might agree or disagree. But, I felt like the author just got tired of writing at a certain point and just decided, "OK... I think I'm done. Let's just end it here." I understand the symbolism and I don't regret reading it. But, it left me wanting more. Of course, I imagined a hundred different scenarios and back stories and even alternate endings. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but that's just what I do when I read something that doesn't completely answer everything I want it to. However, I loved how it was written. It kind of reminded me of my blog. There were all of these digressions and side stories and things that weren't really relevant at all, immersed into one overall story. I guess that means that I write like a teenager, since that is what the tone and style was meant to represent. :) 

Oh well... I've always said that age is what you make of it... being young at heart is all that matters. lol. Especially now that I'm moving into the ancient world by nearing my 30th birthday and having gallbladder surgery, etc. That's for you, Jon... since I know you are reading now. :) All those good times at the Alley Cats probably didn't help this old gallbladder any. I blame you for always challenging me and not letting me just be good. (See, just another random digression).

So... one book down... 99 to go. Not sure which 99, but some variation of this list, I'm sure. And, I'm sitting here watching Julie & Julia, the movie that inspired my list. I love it.


  1. Shawn H. said...:

    Congrats on your book list, If I could suggest a book(s) it would be the Dan Brown Novels; especially Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and The Lost Symbol. The books are fast paced and Mr. Brown has a neat way to keep you guessing what is true and what is not, very exciting. I wish you luck and keep us posted.

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Thanks, Shawn! I have been wanting to read these. There are a few that aren't on this list that I think should be... and there are just some books out there that probably would never make the list but are totally worth reading, too. So... this is probably something I'll never finish. lol. :) Thanks for becoming a follower!!!