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Gallbladder - Chapter Gazillion two

Friday, August 6, 2010
Well, the test made me sick. I guess that's a good thing, but won't know for sure until next week. :) It wasn't horrible though... just some pain in my side, dizziness, and nausea. Just another day in the life of my starving gallbladder. And I do mean starving... like seriously, I have never wanted a cheesy bowl of fettuccine alfredo with a side of cheeseburgers and fries so bad in my life. lol. 

We'll see what they say about it on Monday or Tuesday, so again, the ever-impatient me must wait. Fingers crossed that they want to get this sucker out of me quickly. But not on Wednesday... that's Bailey's first day of school. :)

I got some other news, too, but it is all up in the air at this point. The blood work came back on my liver and it was fine. But, they did find some other interesting things. I can't remember all of the technical terms, as I was finding this all out on the phone (a good thing), but basically there's a possibility that I have some kind of rheumatological disorder. It looks like Sjogren's Syndrome, but the doctor wants me to come in and do a complete physical, as well as look at my blood work again. Basically, she doesn't want me to freak out and think I need to worry about it, but she does want us to be proactive about it. She made the statement that if it was something she was really worried that we needed to find out immediately, she would have had me in the office today. She said I could come back in after the gallbladder or next week, whatever I wanted to do. It could all just be part of the gallbladder throwing things off. Or it could be that I have this syndrome or Rheumatoid Arthritis. In any case, every option is something that has a treatment... not necessarily a cure, but a treatment that would allow me to continue living my life for a long time. Which is really ALL I care about. 

I'm not freaking out... I'm really positive about it and think that this will all work out just fine, so please don't worry. I just wanted to let you guys know what's going on. We're going to get this gallbladder thing figured out and taken care of before we discuss anything else with the Sjogren's or Rheumatology. I want to take it one step at a time and deal with one thing before worrying about another. After I get the gallbladder squared away, I'll have a physical and go from there. So... the saga continues. :) But, this whole gallbladder could be a huge blessing in disguise. Apparently, Sjogren's can be very difficult to diagnose and she said that if it is indeed Sjogren's, we have caught it early because my levels were just barely positive. 

In the meantime... 

No running. And, I'm missing it like insanely crazy. That or just some form of physical activity. No... I really do miss running. It was a nice break from everything and it would be really nice to "escape" into something that I could actually accomplish in a 30-minute period. :)

And it's really hot here. Or it has been, which means I probably wouldn't have wanted to run anyway. I'm hoping tomorrow is slightly cooler... then we're hoping to spend some time at the lake and/or the pool. Just a few more days until school starts and no more pool. :( We have to take advantage while we can. 

Thank you all so much for your sweet thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement... You guys totally rock. :)


  1. Katie said...:

    Thinking of you!!!! I'm hoping it is just your gallbadder throwing things off. BUT it is GREAT that you have such a good attitude! Whatever it is, you can handle it.

  1. Christi said...:

    Will be praying for you, Just keep that positive outlook and maybe they will redo the tests after your Gall Bladder surgery and the levels will have returned to normal.
    As far as the physical activity... don't you have two youngsters to chase after !LOL that gives me enough activity and Belle is not even mobile yet ! I will keep you in my prayers

  1. Hey - just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. Hopefully you'll know Monday, the sooner the better :)

    BTW - did you talk to the person at Early Start re: Jake? I've been keeping my fingers crossed!

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Thanks, ladies! I appreciate it! :)

    Fingers crossed!

    Oh... Dawn - yes, we set up an appointment with Early Start for the 25th of August... so we'll see what they say then.