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Procrastination = me blogging!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
I'm currently procrastinating working. I have so much to do for work that I really can't decide which is a priority. It's all a priority at this point. So, I'm just sitting here blogging instead. Make sense?! :)

I'm trying to think about what I haven't really blogged about most recently and I suppose there are a few things, so I'll just go all over the place. Sorry for not being the most organized with this today. I usually try to make it all relate, but well, as you can tell, I'm just wanting to get things off my mind... and put off working. :)

We had check ups for the kids a couple of weeks ago. Brad had to work, so I loaded the kids up and took them by myself. It's not really that big of a deal to take them these days. They both really like going to the doctor's office; they enjoy having someone brag on them and really enjoy getting to see the doctor pull out all of her tools to check them out. Of course, this means that we have to reenact our visit for several weeks following our appointment. Anyway, because the kids have birthdays so closely together, we schedule the check ups together. It makes life much easier. On this visit, we had to have blood tests. Two nurses, one for each child, pricked Bailey and Jake's fingers to get blood. Both sat very still and were tough throughout the process. As soon as the nurses were finished, both puckered up and cried on me... acting like I had let the nurses chop off their arms. They eventually calmed down, but both of them told me repeatedly how terrible it was that I had let the nurses do this. After calming them, the doctor came into the room for the full check. I thought I would fall over when she said, "Well, Mrs. Ooten, whatever you are feeding this babies, you just keep feeding it to them... their bloodwork looks as good, if not better, than any of the patients their age... so what concerns do you have?" After lifting my jaw off the floor, I laughed and said, "Well, my first concern was that they don't eat many fruits or vegetables and I'm worried about their diet, but I will just shut up." I couldn't believe it! Honestly, if you have ever been around my kids, you probably have seen them with suckers, candy, or french fries. They drink more orange juice than any kids I know... they refuse most any healthy foods (except for strawberries and grapes, and occasionally Jake will eat corn or green beans, but never Bailey). It really just shocked me to death. I really worry about what they eat and don't eat. But, I guess all that worrying isn't doing me much good...

Our surprises didn't end there...
Bailey's stats: 40 pounds and 41.5 inches tall... 90th percentile in both height and weight
Jake's stats: 26.5 pounds and 34.5 inches tall... 50th percentile in height and weight
My childrens' roles have reversed... Jake was always in the 90th percentile and Bailey always in the 50th... but not this time. Of course, I asked the doctor if I should be concerned and she said they both looked great and that I shouldn't worry about either of them. They are both healthy and happy.

Maybe I should have asked the doctor about my kids' obsessions with watching the same shows and movies over and over. Bailey is finally growing tired of watching things over and over, just as Jake is entering this phase. Bailey has had a long and deep affection for Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, and Little Bear. We have watched some of these shows so many times that she actually says the lines of the movies as they progress. Even Jake mutters through the lines. And I've always hated watching these over and over (although I have to say it is 100% better than the Wiggles or Barney). Jake is now entering this phase, but with a deep affection for movies... specifically, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Monsters, Inc., a little Scooby-Doo, and Meet the Robinsons. With the Grinch, he has watched it so many times that he actually mimicks the facial expressions, along with the lines and grunts, and evil laughs. It's hilarious. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I need to video it. I thought I would fall over laughing at him last night, as we lay in his floor watching this movie (AGAIN). Brad and I have a theory on why he loves this movie so much. We've determined that he's made a connection with the Grinch because of school. Jake is the known anti-social at school. I can't remember if I've blogged about his disinterest in playing with kids his own age (also talked to the doctor about this who reassured me that it is quite normal for him to go through this). Jake loves playing with older kids, is very good to little babies, but typically acts like kids his own age are beneath him. For instance, if I say to Jake, "This morning, we are going to day care and you'll get to play with your friends." He looks at me with the most hateful look he can muster and says, "No friends." He reinforces this by shaking his head and pointing his finger at me. When the kids try to play with him (most of the time), he picks up his toys and moves away, as if to say, "Get your own toys and leave me be." The Grinch doesn't really like the kids in his class either... maybe that's why Jake seems to be so attached to him. And, you know, I think he really feels sorry for the Grinch in the movie. He gets a sad little face when the people of Whoville are mean to him. I truly think he gets it. So funny...

OK... this is getting long and I really, really do need to work. I guess I've put it off as long as I can. I promise I'll get some new photos up soon... we have a photographer that comes to our t-ball games and takes photos. They posted some really good ones today... I just need to take the time to go through them!

Random stories...

Sunday, April 26, 2009
My little ones have enjoyed a weekend with the grandparents and we have so enjoyed working on the house and yard without them. Don't get me wrong, we both have missed them terribly. We have gone around imitating them all day, saying what we think they'd be saying to us as we cleaned out the garage, worked in the yard, and hung up the shutters that have been down for the past three years. We miss them, but we were really happy to have some time to get work done and to get a chance to hang out again.

I have some really funny stories to tell you about, but before I blog anything else, I have to make sure to brag on my little ball player. :) It might be one of the only chances I get to brag, so let me have a moment! lol...

Before I took the kids to my mom's yesterday, Bailey had a big day at t-ball. She won the game ball. We were so proud and thrilled for her! Her team was playing another very good team and the score wasa tied up when the game would normally have ended. Bailey had already batted once and had unfortunately struck out. She was very disappointed, coming to me afterward and saying very sadly, "Mommy... I lost." She held her little head so low and I felt like I was going to cry! I told her it was OK and that she'd get a big hit next time... just to keep swinging hard. So, when the last inning was coming to a close and it appeared we would continue playing, my heart raced. Bailey would have to bat again and I couldn't bear the thought that she would strike out again, both for her confidence and because I was worried she'd cause the team to lose. Now, don't think I'm terrible for being concerned about that. I wouldn't mind if we lost, even if it was Bailey's fault. I just wouldn't want the other kids to be ticked off at her or to dislike her because of it. And kids do that... especially 6-year old competitive little boys. So... it was important that she get a hit. As the third batter up, I was praying that the other two in front of her would be on base so she wouldn't be the third out if she struck out. Fortunately, they both made it on base. So, Bailey gets up, a runner on first and a runner on second, and no outs. Not nearly as much pressure. She swings, fouls a time or two, and then hits! She ran to first, but was thrown out. That was OK though. The kid on second base made it to third, and the next batter got a hit, knocking the run in. Now, you and I both know that Bailey's hit could or could not have caused any thing to end up differently. But, the coaches still gave her and the player that scored a game ball... and she was so thrilled. Here's to hoping that it will give her a little more confidence when she gets up there again...

Now, I just have to tell you this funny story. Brad and I went out to eat tonight for dinner. We were both exhausted from working, so I was a little slap happy, but seriously, this might have been one of the funniest things ever. We were sitting at our table in Red Lobster and an old man and two older women were sitting at the table next to us. We had just ordered and were talking. Brad was saying how he would be an old hateful man when he gets old. Random, I know, but we were just laughing and I was saying that he couldn't do that, even if he wanted to. Well, about a minute later, the old man beside of us hiked his leg up and ripped the longest and loudest fart that I have ever heard in public. It was disgusting. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I kept looking at Brad and he was trying not to laugh. Finally, I picked up a menu and started pretending to read it because I was laughing so hard (quietly of course) that tears were streaming down my face. I could not stop! It was terrible. Finally, he and the two women got up to leave. I had found enough composure to carry on a conversation without laughing. But then, I heard the women ask a server where the restrooms were. When the server responded to find out if they wanted the mensroom or womensroom and they said men's, I thought I would lose it! As soon as they were out of sight, I busted out with laughter and could not stop most of the meal. I know our server thought I was crazy or drunk, because every time he came around, I was laughing like a little kid! Brad even made a comment about the old man hiking up his leg when I was taking a drink of pop and I laughed so hard that it came out my nose. I had pop all over me. It was hilarious. I was so thrilled that the kids weren't with us. Bailey would have yelled that the guy had farted and was nasty if she had been there. She probably would also have thrown up every where, so thank God she wasn't there. Jake would probably have been mortified too. He probably would have turned around and asked the man if he pooped!!!!

Speaking of Jakey man... he is doing so much better speaking. I should have known that as soon as I blogged about him not speaking that he'd make a liar of me. He's starting to say more and more. Maybe he heard me say that I was going to take him to a specialist in July if he wasn't talking more. His favorite thing to say now is "Why not?" Every time I tell him no about anything, he'll say, "Why not?" When I respond, I often say, "Because." Well, he turned it around on me last week. I asked him to do something and he said no. So, I said, "Why not?" He looked at me and said, "Because." I thought I'd crack up. Bad thing that Jake is doing... he does not like his food to be shared. Bailey ate one of his cheetos a few days ago and he cried as if she had eaten his finger. And the remaining cheetos were no longer edible. Apparently they were contaminated. And such was the same when I ate one of his fries in the car yesterday. They are his and his alone. If someone eats one, then all of them must be banished (at least until he's been able to cry for 15 minutes). ARGH. OCD without a doubt.

OK... enough of my random stories for the night... going to bed.

Second Guessing.. .

Friday, April 17, 2009
We have it made when it comes to technology. It's not like it's really inconvenient to get online and access everything, especially when you have a laptop and wireless internet. However, I catch myself wishing that I could just blog my thoughts without typing. What is wrong with this world?! When I have become that lazy or that busy, there is something just wrong with the world.

I've written a half dozen blogs in my mind recently, but one that keeps resurfacing in my mind is one that I wanted to write a couple of weeks ago. Parenting isn't easy. Duh... no one said it was, right? I expected it to be tough... to be constantly feeling like I'm overwhelmed or to be staying up at midnight to finish up some housework or some work for work, or even to just have a few minutes to myself. I think I expected almost all of the tough things about parenting, even most of the tough decisions. I knew there would come days that I wouldn't know what exactly to do, but I felt like I could figure it out and I'd know if I was right or wrong. I've always been very comfortable with the decisions I make. It might take me a while to make a decision, but I once I make that decision, I can stick with it and justify it without concern (special thanks to Cilla for always helping me to justify it ALL).

Well... that's the part of parenting that I think I did not expect. The doubt. The lingering concern in the back of my mind that says, "Am I screwing this up?" Bailey and Jake are happy and healthy. They can be rambunctious and mean sometimes, like most kids, but they are sweet and loveable. They know right from wrong, even if they don't always adhere to it, and they really don't have problems at day care or with any of our friends and family. We feel good about how we can take them everywhere and know that MOST of the time, we can trust them to behave. But, there are those moments that make you wonder if you should be doing something differently. I think what started this whole thought process was two-fold - Bailey playing t-ball and Jake talking more, but not as much as we would like.

As I've blogged (most briefly), Bailey is growing to enjoy t-ball more and more. She's still not sold on it when we first get to the field and I still have to convince her to go onto the field to practice. I'll correct that... I have to bribe her and threaten her to get her out on the field. Brad has convinced her that she'll get ice cream after every game and practice that she stays on the field for the entire time. When that doesn't work, I threaten to take away the dollhouse. One or the other typically works. But, I feel like crap when I'm doing this. The entire time, I'm wondering if I'm forcing her to do something she cares nothing about. Then, she gets on the field, has a blast, and I think that I'm doing the right thing. It blows my mind how I can go from thinking that I shouldn't bring her back to thinking that she's having so much fun and improving with each practice all in less than an hour. I know that she needs a little push to do more. I was her 24 years ago... not wanting to take gymnastics because I was intimidated by the other kids or the teachers or because I was just as content hanging out with my mom. Thank God that mom made me do things or I would have NEVER had ANY fun. I still missed out on a lot all the way through life because I wouldn't push myself to go and have fun. Heck, I still do it! I want to push her because I don't want her to miss anything. It goes by so fast. BUT... I also hate pushing her. ARGH!!

I hate the second-guessing... and it's already starting with Jake! He's two and he talks some. Not much, but some. He's been talking more and more in the past couple of weeks, but I wonder if I've focused too much attention on work or on making him happy by giving him everything without making him talk or if I've just ignored it because he's my baby. He's not a big reader, so we don't force it on him. Maybe I need to. Or do I need to talk about possibly doing speech therapy like some people suggest? The doctor says he's fine, that we can talk to a speech therapist if we want, but that she thinks he's fine (and is used to Bailey talking too much for him to get a word in). She suggested getting his hearing checked since I worry that he doesn't enunciate. So, I guess we'll try that. It can all just be so worrysome. Instincts tell me that he's fine... slightly stubborn, a little lazy, and very much enjoying being the baby. BUT... do I go on instincts and risk screwing up?! ARGH.

Again, the second-guessing. It's SO frustrating. But, it most certainly is part of parenting. I'm glad I'm not alone (yes, misery loves company!). I know every parent has gone through this... and most of my friends have been saying the same things. So... I guess we'll just be dealing with this for a few more years (or the rest of our lives). :)

Busy as ever...

Thursday, April 16, 2009
These days seem to get busier and busier... t-ball is taking over our schedule! :) In all honesty, I think that the hustle and bustle of it all is wonderful, but between it, work, and a few projects at home, I just have not been able to motivate myself to sit down and blog. So... for all of you wondering where we've been, we're still here. Just incredibly busy.

We've had two kids' birthday parties, Easter, t-ball practice and games (an average of 4 times a week!!), and on top of all of that, we've found a piece of property in Garrard County that we LOVE and are considering building a new home. Of course, that means getting things ready to sell our current house, which means lots of spring cleaning (that needs done either way) and remodeling a few things.

The kids had wonderful birthdays... they were naturally spoiled completely rotten. We had a celebration in Ashland at the YMCA for family and friends for both kids. They enjoyed cupcakes (thanks to my sister-in-law Angela and her newfound passion of cake decorating!), ice cream and swimming. Oh... and just a few presents. Although Jake refused to swim, they had a great time. And, no, I haven't downloaded my pictures, even if it's been more than two weeks. lol... I will... eventually. And then you'll all be mad at me for posting so many! :)

Easter was good, but hectic. We didn't even color eggs this year. That bothered me, but the kids didn't notice, so I guess I shouldn't mind. Brad says it's too bad that there isn't a Easter Egg hunting little league... Bailey would be the best. The kids enjoyed their baskets, filled with candy and junky toys, and had a good time playing with the other kids at church. Later that day... t-ball practice.

Yes, t-ball is demanding. I think everyone thinks we are crazy because we have so many practices and games. But, we are enjoying it. Bailey is still struggling to go directly on the field and play. We have to convince her every time, but once she is out on the field, she enjoys it. She scored a run in their first game on Tuesday. She was pretty excited about that. We'll ignore that she struck out (yes, it IS possible in t-ball) the first time she was up. They did let her run to first though and then sent her to the dugout, so I'm not sure that she really understood what was going on. Her favorite part is batting and running the bases. She enjoys digging in the dirt and throwing dirt at her teammates, but they seem to enjoy it too, so maybe it's not as big of a deal as we have made it. It drives us CRAZY. But, we're trying to be more patient. She did recently turn four, you know. :)

Jake is enjoying t-ball too. He loves digging in the dirt, trying to sneak away from us in the middle of the game, and he cheers the kids on, yelling, "RUN, RUN" over and over. It's pretty cute. He would love to be on the field playing ball... he gets his feelings hurt that Bailey gets to go out there and he doesn't, but we can usually occupy him with a hot dog or some candy from the concession stand.

All in all, things are going well. I'll try to post more frequently so you guys aren't wondering what is going on... oh and I'll add some video up when I figure out how to download it. Er... when I can get Brad to do it for me. :)