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Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday, August 5, 2010
I love this idea that my friend through blogging, Dawn, has come up with. I've made reference to Dawn on here a lot recently... we have lots in common and our blogs are often very similar. She started her life list shortly after I published mine and we have really had a lot of fun comparing notes and talking about all that we want out of life. 

What I really loved about Dawn's list (and something I want to add more of to mine in the future) is that several of her items involved giving things to people anonymously. You can tell she put a lot of thought into making her list about helping others as much as helping herself. 

She completed one of these list items by doing something as simple as paying for the breakfast of the person behind her in the McDonald's drive-thru the other morning. Her blog post about it reminded me of the many times that my younger brother, Cory, and I would make our parents stop at an intersection where a homeless man would be standing and we would give him some change or even a $5 bill. It felt good. We knew that he very well could waste it on cigarettes or booze, but we knew that it was the right thing to do. My parents would tell us that we were being generous and doing the right thing... if that person chose not to use it correctly, that would not be our fault. 

Anyway... Dawn posted a blog this morning about a challenge that she has for everyone. She read an article (a must-read) about a project a lady started where she did random acts of kindness sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, for complete strangers. It's wonderful. 

So, Dawn's challenge to anyone interested: 

Starting today and going for one week, until next Thursday, August 12, I challenge you to two things:

(1) Do one random act of kindness. It can be whatever your heart desires.
(2) Forward this request to 5 of your friends and ask them to do it too.
After you have done your request, email me at randomacts365@gmail.com.  

I would love to see that we are all making an effort to make the world a better place. Dawn will blog about all the wonderful things that were done after the August 12th date! Do it! :)


  1. Thank you so much. This is so sweet it almost made me cry. Hopefully we will be able to make some small difference in the world...if only for a week.

    Also, please let me know if you need anything with the gallbladder stuff. Glad to hear you get to take the test tomorrow...I couldn't imagine waiting another week.