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Sunday, August 15, 2010
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll be going in to get my gallbladder removed. I have to be there at 7 and will go in for surgery at 8. Brad says his tee time is at 8:15. :) He's totally kidding, I think. I probably won't know the difference though - I hope not! It would totally freak me out if I actually know what's going on at 8:15 tomorrow morning. :) 

Anyway, I am not nervous... I am not nervous... I am not nervous. 

I'm really not nervous. Honestly. Well, I kind of am, but not enough to even write about. I'm just refusing to think about needles, scalpels, and anesthesia. I have issues with these things... all make me want to pass out. Yep... all the blood runs from my face and I feel dizzy and all that. It's a great time. 

But... I'm on the countdown now... countdown to eating good food again. :) It will still be a while before that will actually happen, but not as long. So, here's to surgery! Woo hoo! 


  1. Shawn H. said...:

    You will be fine, May the peace of the Lord be with you. :)