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Needing Inspiration, Please

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Well, I have disappeared, right? 

Wrong! Still here... just insanely busy and way too tired to sit at the computer and blog these days. 

I have so many posts that I've started and just haven't finished... one of the biggest ones is about my list. I haven't stopped working on it. I've just stopped blogging it. Sigh. But, it's good that I'm still working on it, right?! 

Maybe... I'll get caught up... before I die. Maybe. Unless I die tomorrow. You just never know, right? 


... so, I turned 32 yesterday. 

I remember a few years ago how I had a nervous breakdown over turning 30 and decided that I had to find a purpose in my life through my list. Oh, how I loved (and still love) my list. How it has inspired me to step up and make things happen, even when I am too busy or too tired to make it happen. The list... has just been incredible. 

Well, this year's nervous breakdown is brought to you by my relationship with my husband. It will not replace my list by any means, but will only help it. 

Yes... we are still happily married. 

No... I'm not going anywhere. :) Sorry to disappoint you, Brad... you are still stuck with this old woman. ;)

BUT... it recently occurred to me that I have now known my husband for more than 15 years. That's almost half of my life. 

And, well, sometimes, I know him better than I know myself. Sometimes, I find that the things I like or love are things that I like or love only because I always have... because Brad has... because we have... because it's just always been that way. 

Now, I don't want to go and give you the wrong impression. I'm not unhappy. I love our comfi-ness... our familiarity... and I love that every time I say something, Brad typically knows exactly what I'm really thinking (for better or worse). But... I just kind of had that Runaway Bride moment where I wondered, "How do I like my eggs? Like really... how do I like my eggs?" 

I like mine over-easy, by the way. That is something I really do know. :) 

Anyway, I think that sometimes I need to remember to try new things and to discover new things. I think sometimes it's important to re-evaluate and think about what you really do want and like and dislike... 

Maybe it also has something to do with the book "My Year with Eleanor," a must-read that my friend Kristi lent me. It's all about facing your fears and challenging yourself daily. I'd almost try the project myself, but well, I'm too scared. ;) 

So... last night... after a couple of drinks... I decided I will try 32 new things in my 32nd year. 

Give me your suggestions, because truly, so far, I'm kind of just hoping that things will hit me. These don't have to be big things. I mean, Brad's two suggestions are a perfect example of how small these things can be. 

Here's what Brad suggests I try:

  1. Sushi with raw fish.  
  2. Gumbo Ya-Ya.
And, well, that's the full extent of my list at this point. lol. 

So... tell me what you think I should try. I need your inspiration! ;)