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All things Jakey...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Because my mom keeps reminding me that I'm going to forget some of the funny things Jake says and does if I don't write them down, I thought it would be a good time to do a post on all things Jakey. 

I like that... all things Jakey. We could totally name something that... like a clothing line... hmmm.... Don't steal it anyone. :) 

I've never hidden the fact that Jake is a little OCD. He's actually a lot OCD about certain things... but one of the cutest is probably his problems with getting things on his hands and feet... like dirt. He makes us hold his Reese's cups for him because he doesn't like the chocolate on his fingers. But, the cutest thing, by far, is when we go to the pool and he takes his little flip flops to the edge of the pool. He then dips his feet into the water to rinse them off and then he slips his feet in his flops. I can't help but laugh at him each time. He never messes up and just puts them on. He ALWAYS rinses his feet off first. It's not like they get really dirty. He just wants them cleaner. lol. I can't help but love it. 

He says a lot of really funny things, too. He loves to work Brad. I don't know how he learned it. I really and truly don't know. He just has this cool personality. He figured out that Brad really loves his truck. I don't know if it was because Jake loved it so much and they kept "arguing" about whose truck it was. But, one day, my parents asked Jake whose truck it was. He automatically said, "It's mommy's truck." He loved it. He loved it that we all cracked up and that Brad was so adamant that it was his truck. So, the truck is officially mine. Sorry, Brad. Jake's the boss. And I promise I never prompted him to say it was mine. I thought it was great that he called it his... it never occurred me to tell him to call it mine. 

Of course, the funniest thing he has done recently happened yesterday. Many of you on Facebook have already read this, I am sure. I told him that we were going to the park, but that I had to put my makeup on first. Here's how it went: 

"Jake - I'll be downstairs in a minute to go to the park. Just let me put on my makeup." 

"OK, Mommy." 

A few minutes later, Jake comes in and announces, "I'm ready. I got my makeup. I'm ready to go." 

It took me a couple of seconds to realize what he said. He had gone to Bailey's room, found her makeup, and put pink lipstick all over his lips. 

Bailey and I thought we would crack up. It was absolutely freaking adorable. 

Now... Brad is planning all he can to take him to some boy stuff... you know... monster truck jam kind of stuff. :) 

And, finally, one of my favorite things that Jake is saying now... "Maybe for Cwismas." Every toy that we look at and I say not today, he asks, "Maybe for Cwismas." :) It's only August and he's planning for Christmas. How adorable is that?

OK... enough for tonight. Got to get up early tomorrow. :)