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I'm a big kid now...

Monday, August 9, 2010
No word from the doc yet... I will keep you posted. 

But, in the meantime... 

I have a little girl who has been ready for her Kindergarten orientation for two hours. She insisted that we not be late. It starts at 5. She was bathed and dressed by 3. She's ready... and telling me every time that the clock turns another minute later. We had to pick out an outfit that would be beautiful, in her words, because she might meet a cute boy. Yes... it has begun and I'm not looking forward to hearing about that. lol. She actually met a boy in her class when we went for the Kindergarten testing about a week ago. I asked her if she thought he was nice. Her response was that he was OK, but he wasn't cute, so he could not be her boyfriend. Poor kid. I hope she didn't tell him that. She probably did, though. It's something we are working on with Bailey (among other things)... learning when to shut up. She must be a lot like her dad (right, Brad?). She typically has good taste, though... I have to give her credit. She usually does pick out the cutest kid in the class. lol. 

I'm excited that she's excited. Tonight should be a fun night for her... she'll get to see her classroom, meet some of her classmates, and take in all of her school supplies (I'm bringing in muscle-man Brad to carry it all)... :) Jake will be with us, so that could be really interesting... but good for him to see what's going on, too.  

It will be fun for me, too. I have to admit that, while I'm kind of sad that she's growing up, I am also really excited about this phase of her life. It will be a lot of fun to participate in school activities and watch her learn all of the fun stuff kids learn (with the exception of the attitude that I am certain will happen very quickly with Bailey). I am looking forward to signing up for fun things, like hopefully the 5K they have each spring and the Walk your Child to School Day. I am not looking forward too much to the 4 day minimum of homework policy that the school has, but I suppose that all comes with the territory. 

Jake is pretty excited about it all, too. I'm not sure that he's going to be OK when we take her on Wednesday. He thinks he is going, too. He has a backpack and a lunchbox, because you simply can't buy one for Bailey and not buy one for Jake. What a little heartbreaker he can be... He has told at least a half dozen people that he is going to a new school with his backpack. I can see us taking her now, with Jake and his backpack and lunchbox, too. Except, I'm not sure he'll be completely devastated when he gets to come home with his mommy. You just never know with him. But, most of the time, he still loves me and our home more than anything. Well, really, it's his home and his toys (especially when he has it all to himself). Who could blame him? The kid has it made. 

So, our little journey begins... a new phase in our life... let's hope she loves it as much as she is planning to love it. :)


  1. cheryl said...:

    So cute - Connor can't wait either! Ours is 5:30 to 7:30 tonight @ his school. We're leaving the twins @ home with Grammy. Hope you guys have a good night tonight and that Jake isn't too disappointed on Wednesday! Love her outfit, too, by the way!