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The big first day...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
My girl loved school. 

She smiled when I picked her up... just like I hoped she would. She came running to the car with a huge smile and yelling, "Mommy!" No better feeling in the world. 

I asked her how it went. "Great!"

Ok... so tell me more. What all did you do? "I don't know. I can't remember." 

Well, did you make friends? "Yes... I am friends with all of the kids in my class. All of them." 

That's great! What are their names? "I don't know. There's one boy named Fred... you know, like Freddy on Scooby Doo."

Oh yeah? Cool. What about the little girls? Did you make any friends who were girls? "Yes... there were more girls than we thought. They are nice. I don't know their names. One pushed me in the car line. I told on her though." 

Bailey, it's not nice to tell on people, but she shouldn't have pushed you either. Try to handle things by using your words with your friends. "Ok, mom. I bought my milk at lunch all by myself. I'm going to put the change in my piggy bank."

Uh... no. Your change is going to be part of your milk money tomorrow. How was lunch? Did you have fun? Did you have enough to eat? "Oh... yep. That was my favorite part of the day. It was fun." 

So, what about the rest of the day? What did you guys do? Did you work on letters and numbers and stuff? "We had to write the entire alphabet and our numbers. I spelled two words for the teacher, too. Cat and Red. Those are the two that I know already, you know?" 

Yes... that's good. Did she ask you to spell them or did you just offer that information up? She shrugs with a sneaky grin. "She asked me." She lied. I know she did. It's OK though... I'm sure the teacher just laughed at our little miss smarty pants. 

Did you like your teachers? "Yes, but one of my teachers told someone that I farted."

What? Really? I couldn't help but crack up. So, did you fart? "No. I don't know... maybe. No. I didn't." Great... my kid is the kid farting in class. Awesome. :) She's totally Brad's kid. 

Then, she proceeded to tell me about how they won't let her just go to the bathroom any time. lol. I guess that means that she was going to excuse herself to the bathroom and chose not to because it wasn't bathroom time. lol. Wow... I didn't see that one coming on the first day.

That's about as much as we got for the day... there were a few other stories about kids falling asleep in class and one kid crying a lot... and another one not listening. I asked if that was her, but she said no. 

She came home exhausted. She was hateful. All evening. All evening she was so, so hateful. She yelled at me (repeatedly). She was sent to her room (repeatedly). She was in need of sleep. At 8:15, we were in the bed. She fell asleep before 9, which just doesn't happen. 

She is really happy about going back. That's all that matters. :) Hopefully, she'll not fart in class tomorrow. lol. And, yes, I do know how bad she is going to hate me later for writing this post. :) 

Her totally cool lunchbox... 

...And the back pocket that I hand-stitched on (no, I didn't hand-embroider it, people). :)

The cool Old Navy backpack with her name embroidered on it (can you see what I've been playing with?).

My posing little queen... adorably decked out... 

Posing again... but this time with the Lelli Kelly's showing. :)

And a more natural shot... right before we walked into the school. :) This was the last smile I got before dropping her off. :)