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Training Day... Whatever... :)

Monday, June 14, 2010
When I first started running and working toward my goal of a 5K, I wasn't really sure if I'd ever make it to the point where I actually could run more than I walked.

Tonight, I did.

Tonight marked the night that I actually started thinking that I might pull of this 5K thing.

Tonight... I sweated like I've never sweated before.

And, tonight, I felt great.

I moved up to the next week tonight. Could you tell?

I know that many of you might think I sound arrogant or like I'm bragging, but I'm totally not. I hope you guys wouldn't ever think that of me. I'm definitely not overly-confident. If anything, I write this because it helps me to stay motivated to keep going. I feel like you guys are the support system that is holding me accountable to this, so I hope you know that. :)

But tonight felt really good. I ran for 3 minutes, walked 90 seconds, ran 5 minutes (!!), walked 2 and a half minutes, ran 3 minutes, walked 90 seconds, and then ran 5 minutes to finish it up! I truly and honestly have been dreading this week. I have been confident that there would be no way that I could run for 5 minutes. Period. Ever. And, I think because I had built it up in my head to be such a big deal that when I actually started running, I was surprised by how it wasn't that much harder than running the 3 minutes that I've been running. And, my recovery time is getting better. Usually, if I ran 3 minutes, it would take me a solid 2 minutes and 45 seconds to catch my breath and be ready to run again. But, tonight, it was different. I would catch my breath by the time I got to 30 seconds. Maybe it was just a little cooler or breezier or something. There's a good chance that Wednesday, my blog post will be, "running sucks." :)

Of course, I am slow. I could probably walk as fast as I run. But, I am running. :)

Look out Bluegrass State Games... I'm going to be ready. (Maybe). :) 


  1. HOW did I not know you blogged?????? Seriously!!! I am following you and your fabulousity now girl!!!