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Eclipse and Losing Kids... Awesome.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Before I get back to my previously scheduled post-vacation postings, I have to post a few other things. 

First, Eclipse was awesome. For all of you who read the books and have kept up thus far, but have yet to give into the mania that is midnight openings, you totally need to go see this movie. It was great. It stuck closely to the book, adding some zing here and there, and was overall really my favorite of the three movies. And Jacob's abs weren't bad either. :) 

Secondly, I have to apologize to my husband for totally overreacting and probably embarrassing him at Jazz in the Park last night. Yes, if you saw the frantic mother searching for her 3-year old son, who found him with his dad, and then proceeded to yell at his dad for "losing" him in the first place, that was me. Nothing strikes fear in a mom like thinking that her child is gone, especially in a crowd of like 500 people. So, what happened is that I went to the bathroom and Bailey and Jake went to play on the playground with a bunch of other kids. Brad was hanging out with Paul. Jake left the playground to go back to Brad, but didn't tell anyone who was watching him at the playground, so I came out of the bathroom to find that my son was no longer on the playground, but gone. Brad was supposed to be taking care of the kids, so after a panic of searching, I ran back to the place where Brad was sitting, and found Jake, safe and sound. By then, my adrenaline was on like super-psycho-crazy-extreme level. My mind was in 100 different scenarios, filled with pedophiles, my son in the middle of Tates Creek Road, and the thought that he might be wandering around a crowd of people crying for me or Brad. I just flew off the handle and took it all out on Brad. I know he'd never intentionally lose our child. I still think he should have been closer to them when they went to the playground, but it could have easily happened the exact same way if Brad had been standing on the playground too. Wasn't it me that "lost" Jake at one of Bailey's ball games? Yes, I think it was. 

So, sorry to my husband, Paul, Rebecca, and your entire family. :) I acted like an ass. :) I was just freaking scared to death that my kid was gone forever... 


  1. Sammye Jo said...:

    I would have been going crazy too :) No harm done, just a mama protecting her littles :)