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Vacation and cars...

Sunday, June 27, 2010
And... I'm BACK! 

So, prepare for the marathon of blog posts that is coming your way. You will be so annoyed with all of my blogging after this that I am quite certain I will lose a follower or ten. :) Oh... wait... I think I only have 13 followers (officially), so I might have issues if I lose that many. Fortunately, my husband, Bret, and Cilla, will be the three that I know I won't lose. :) Well, I have faith that Cilla will hang in there with me, anyway. 

Vacation was incredible. I've been toying with how to blog about it all without it being one ginormous blog. So, I'm going to break it down some into different segments. This one will now be referred to as The Van. :)

Forever and ever ago, when I was like 20, I decided that vans were not cool. Minivans were for moms that had given up on all hope that they could be stylish and cool and still have kids and a vehicle with practical functionality. SUV all the way for me. I guess nearing my 30th birthday is making me older because our rental van was SWEET! The kids and I (and Brad, even if he won't admit it) were so impressed with this van. We had Sirius satellite radio, rear control on the AC, stow and go under the seats. I should totally be getting paid for the endorsement that I'm doing for Dodge Grand Caravan right now. It was really awesome... especially when we put the kids in the very back row and couldn't hear them fighting. Oh yes... all of you who have talked to me on the phone when I'm driving will know exactly what I'm talking about. The screaming, shrieking, deafening sounds of my kids as they pinch, hit, and throw things at each other in the car. Yep... we have those kids. I need a minivan. Bailey and Jake loved it, too. Jake, of course, referred to it as "his car." Bailey just kept saying, "Let's just keep it." No explanation about lack of funding for such a vehicle seemed to matter. 

And, I have to say that the minivan was wonderful at charging our dead battery on the Escape. Conveniently, as we went to pick up our rental minivan at the airport, the Escape's battery decided that it was time to give up and die. So, I coasted my favorite car in the world into a parking space. We went in, picked up the keys to the minivan, pulled said minivan up to the Escape, and gave it a jump. We had to jump it again when we got home, just to get it into the driveway. You know where we are heading tomorrow! The car shop... again. :) 

Yes... a minivan would not be a bad thing. If only it were free. 


  1. Sammye Jo said...:

    I'm in that "SUV Mom" club. :) Not ready to give mine up. But those commericals do make them look oh so attractive at times :)

  1. 2 things...

    (1) I'll continue to follow your blog...so you have Cilla and I at least. ha.

    (2) When Jackson was due we bought a Camry bc I could so not think of driving anything as uncool as a van. Before I got pregnant with Carson I started thinking I'm now kind of uncool anyways and there's so much room (and not so much in the Camry)...so we bought a Honda Odyssey. WE LOVE IT. Even Brandon. So much room for all the people who come here or when we are there and packing is marital bliss. Last year on vacation we packed everything BUT the kitchen sink. I'm the last person who I thought would ever drive a van but neither of us have ever regretted a second of it.

  1. andreaooten said...:

    SJ - I know... it's so tough. I love my SUV, but it was so nice having that room. I just need an SUV with three rows, I think. :)

    Oh... and the money to pay for it. lol.

    Dawn - thanks for following me either way. lol. I will look at the Honda Odyssey if we actually ever do buy a van. I've heard good things about it and the Toyota Sienna too. :)Even though the commercials for the Toyota one kind of get on my nerves now.