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Summer is HERE!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Oh blog, oh blog, how I have missed you. :) And all of you wonderful readers, too, even though I think I've talked to most of you in the past week in separate e-mails. lol.

It has been a week! A full week since I've written (or round about anyway, I didn't actually look at my last post).

I feel like I dropped off the planet... but I guess these things happen when you are busy trying to do eleventy hundred things (like that new phrase? It comes from another blog I've been reading, among the 100 that I'm becoming addicted to... maybe that's why I haven't been writing as much.).

So, what have we been up to? Well, it was Memorial Day weekend, so one would think that I would have long posts about great parties, boating, poolside relaxation, family picnics, travel, etc. However, I think I can sum up our Memorial Day in just a few words: t-ball, fun day at t-ball, pool opens, t-ball, mow grass, and work in garden, oh and t-ball. And there was some grillin'.

T-ball was our big focus for the weekend, as if you couldn't tell. Because of some rained out games, we had a game on Friday, a regularly-scheduled game on Saturday, and another make up game from rain on Sunday. We also had Fun Day at T-ball, which is exactly what it sounds like... fun. There are inflatables, games, carnival foods, auction items (lots of them), and a fun skills competition for the kids who play ball. Basically, we had a game at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and got home around 4 p.m. that afternoon, having spent relatively our entire day at the ball field for the game and our fun day activities.

I know many of you are thinking, "Man, that's a lot of t-ball... why would they want to do that." Well, OK. I can see how you think that. But, we have a really good time when we go. The kids love it... it's physical for them, which is healthy. We love the people on our team, parents and children, so we kind of have a little group of people that just hang out and have fun. I don't know. I guess you just have to do it to understand it. But, even when it's tiring, it's still fun.

Other than t-ball, our neighborhood pool opened. YAY for summer! It is finally here and I am so completely excited. This is what I've been waiting for. As soon as I started staying home with the kids, I have longed for the days that we can hang out at the pool all day, uninterrupted, and enjoy. It. Is. Here. :) We have already gone about three times in the past few days, spending only a couple of hours each time. It is not going to be as simple as it has been in the past. Bailey wants to be in the big pool. Jake wants to swim in the baby pool. Bailey wants to jump off the diving board. Jake wants me to swim with him the entire time. So, we're going to have to work all that out. But, I'm not complaining. We will enjoy the summer... in the water. Yes. YES!