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Quick (or not so quick) Update

Thursday, June 24, 2010
So... first things first... 

I'm still on vacation, so this is probably going to be quick and somewhat jumbled into a series of random thoughts. :) Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages while I've been gone. I'll be in touch... as soon as I get back. It's a wonderfully overwhelming feeling to open up my account, e-mail, and Facebook page for the first time at a computer and see your messages... especially from the people I didn't even know were reading! :) I just had to sit down and blog a little tonight... if for no other reason than to feel like I'm recording some of the important things that have been going on... real time. :) 

Our vacation has been fabulous. There have been glitches, but only ones that involve a certain five-year old little girl who is still trying to learn that the world does NOT involve around her and her alone. Challenges... oh the challenges... that she has presented this week. No one wants to yell at their kids at vacation, much less drag them off of a beach kicking and screaming, but yes... it does happen. At least, it has this week. Two people too much alike are not always a good mix. More on that later... 

Focusing on good and fun things... 

Do you know how many sand dollars you can find at the bottom of the smooth sandy beach of Hilton Head Island? Apparently an unending amount, since we can't seem to stop pulling them out of the water. Well, let me correct that... since my brother and Brad can't stop pulling them off of the bottom of the ocean. Emily and I have yet to be brave enough to reach down to the bottom and pull up anything that we step on. There are also several starfish, mussels (I think that's what they are), and hermit crabs. We left Lexington without any pets... we will return with a bucket full of animals that will undoubtedly die before we make it home. Yet, there are two children who might have broken hearts if we make them put them back in the ocean. So... home they will come. 

Do you know that I have never seen a dolphin swimming in the wild? Actually, I think I did once when we were in Florida, but (much like Bailey) I often said I saw things that were purely in my imagination or that I thought were certain things, even when they weren't. So, who really knows?! Well, I have seen them now. A few times. Pretty close, too. :)

Have I said that this place is amazing? I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else again.

Never been in a lighthouse until today either. :) Watched a sunset with the love of my life and my babies (and brother and Emily).... it was beautiful... especially with the sailboat in the view. Cilla... I was dying for your camera. Or just for you to be there to take pictures of it. You would have loved it. 

Visited Savannah. Sweated like a pig. Ate like a pig. More on that when I get back. Lots coming from it. 

Watched my little boy play in the sand without worrying about washing his hands 50 times. Yes, that seems odd to me, too, but it does mean a lot. He has confirmed a few times that we can wash our hands and feet off with the shower at the bath house. lol. Helped him and Bailey build a sandcastle too, but the old man building the super duper sandcastle on the beach made me look like a complete chump. 

Ran. On the beach. For the first time. Ever. I've always loved the idea of it... now I've done it. 

Thought about my parents... a lot. Especially my dad when the cherry cigar smell came barreling at me from down the beach and the kites were flying above my head (not ours... yet).

Wished and dreamed about living here... about never coming home. Not that home is something I want to stay away from. Just love it here. So much that I really and truly could stay... if only... 


And, because I know you list people are wondering... parasailing. Hmmm... this one is going to be a very special post all on its own. Hope no one is disappointed... but it isn't going to be what you think. This one will stay on the list. I sacrificed one thing for another. You will understand when I explain it all more clearly, but Bret, I've thought about you and your statement about this list existing to help guide you and make sure you get what you want out of life. It is. :) I had to think a lot about it... but it is. 

Miss and love you guys! Lots more coming... just wait until next week when I am driving you all crazy with bloggin'! 

Oh... one more thing... I love it that I can talk with my long, thick country accent and not a soul seems to notice. The South is wonderful.


  1. Praise the Lord! Long live the South :) Nothing like it girl! Glad you are having a good time! Sounds like a blast! Safe travels!