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In need of a miracle...

Friday, June 11, 2010
I just have had someone on my mind all day and I thought maybe by blogging a little bit about it, I could get some prayers going for her and her family. For her privacy, I won't say how I know this person or anything, but just tell a little bit about her situation. I actually have never met her... I just know her story (in bits and pieces). 

She is a year older than me... 30. She has four children - a son who is 10, a son who is 4, and twin girls that aren't even 2. She had a palsy on one side of her face one day... went to the doctor... they thought it was MS. Shortly after this (as in less than a month), they find that it is not MS, but a brain tumor. She's in a tremendous amount of pain... and she only has about 9 months to live. 

My heart has broken every time my "contact" has told me information about her situation. I have sat in tears, listening to her talk about the children and what they are going through. I cannot imagine... simply cannot imagine... what her husband is dealing with. Not only is he trying to help her with her pain, he's trying to communicate with these babies and deal with it all on his own. I just can't stop thinking about them. 

Life is so short... and whether I die at the old age of 100 or the young age of 29, I hope that everyone I care about knows how much I love them. 

Please pray for this family... I know you might not know anything about them beyond what I've told you, but they really need a miracle. Sorry to be a buzz kill tonight, but I just needed to feel like I could do something to help... and this is all I know to do. :) 

Love all of you... truly. 


  1. How tremendously sad!! I'll put she and her family in my prayers. I have a friend who's a year older than me, boy 6 weeks younger than Carson who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and the cancer gene. It makes me think that could so easily be me!! Absolutely breaks my heart...life is too short and you are so right...even on stressful days we still need to be thankful of what we have and let people know that.

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Thank you! It is terrifying... my mom had breast cancer a couple years back (she's only in her 40s), so I live in fear that I'm going to have to deal with it, too. It's really scary... so we must enjoy every second we have, right?!

  1. Jess said...:

    I had a brain tumor removed in November by a specialist in Los Angeles. I can pass along any information about the doctor and hospital if you'd like.
    In the meantime, I know the power of prayer and have seen it work firsthand. I am praying. Email me if you need any info or if I can help in any way.

    Jess toews