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One of my babies is all grown up

Saturday, June 5, 2010
When I look at Bailey and see that she is starting Kindergarten in August, I think about another little boy who started Kindergarten not that long ago... or so it seems. It was actually in 1996 when he started Kindergarten. I was getting ready to turn 16 and he was 6 and the highlight of our entire family's life. I can remember being a little sad that he was starting Kindergarten, kind of like a mother would be. The truth is that I've always felt like he was more my child than my brother. Being ten years older than your youngest sibling will do that to you. 

So, as I am facing the great realization that my baby girl is about to start school and begin rushing her little life away, I am also watching my little brother, or my first baby as I often refer to him, graduate from high school. On Friday night, Colt officially graduated high school and will now go off into the great, big world. He'll go off to college, get a job, get married, and have a life all his own. Even Brad, who met Colt when he was only 7, sees how fast the time goes. It does not seem possible that he is already grown up. But he is. And, like I said in an earlier blog about Bailey growing up, I have enjoyed each age that he's gone through. I miss him being little in a lot of ways, but I love it that he's old enough now to hang out with us as an adult instead of a kid. I'm glad we don't have to worry about what we say or do when we're with him, because I know he's an adult. Not that we ever really worried that much before... he's always been an old soul. lol. 

I have to talk about how proud I am of him. He is an incredible person. Sometimes moody, sometimes hateful (especially if he's hungry), but always considerate, always ready to work hard, and always ready to do something fun. He's been through his fair share of bad deals and had enough tough times for a kid his age to deal with, and yet, he is positive and grateful. He has strong faith in God and he shows it. He isn't a follower... he never has been. And everyone loves him. Everyone who meets him, loves him, despite his very quiet, sometimes seemingly hateful personality. Everyone just thinks he's wonderful. 

He has accomplished so much. He graduated in the top of his class, with straight A's. He has an academic scholarship to attend Marshall University. He just went to the state tournament for track and field, throwing the discus. He has a wonderful girlfriend, who I just love because she is a lot like me. lol. :) Not to mention that she is great to him and he's insanely crazy about her (which I really did not expect to ever happen!). :) I could just go on and on about how great my little brother is and how proud I am of him. 

So, I guess I end this with the hope that he continues doing well, stays faithful to God and to his family and friends, and continues to grow into a fabulous man. 

I might always remember him like this (sorry about all the pics, but I couldn't pick just one!): 

But I am so happy that he has accomplished so much and become this wonderful young man: 

Me and my little brother, all grown up... 

Me and both of the little brothers (although I am arguing that I do NOT look like the oldest one... but the baby sister only). :) 

The family (minus spouses - someone had to take the pictures, right?!)

Mom, Dad, and Colt

The two who act so much alike you would think THEY are the siblings... :) Except that Colt is like me and closes his eyes in pictures all the time... sorry, I didn't realize it before it was over. Where were you Cilla?! 

The three amigos... posing nicely... 

Three amigos when I asked them to do their typical pose... 

The flexing pose like this one: 

or this one: 

or this one: 

There are more, but I think you get the idea. :) 

This is Colt and his doll baby girlfriend, Emily... who I just love. :)