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Great Weekend!

Monday, June 14, 2010
Well, my laptop is dying. I guess I should say our laptop, but since I use it the most, it feels like mine. I shouldn't complain... we have another computer in the office that I can use, so it's not like I'm really deprived. However, it is so nice to sit on the couch with the laptop and blog, play on Facebook, you know, the important stuff. :)

Anyway... here's to hoping that my hubby can find the time to fix it soon (and here's to hoping that he can save everything on it, since it has all of our snapshots of the kids since they were born and I'm not all that great about getting them printed or uploading them to snapfish or some other online resource - yes, I might cry).

On to more important things...

First of all, we had a great weekend! Correction: Other than our t-ball team losing in the first round of the double-elimination tournament, it was a great weekend. Yes, the Braves lost in the first round, despite our number 2 seed (there are 22 teams in our league, so that's pretty good). Fortunately, we still have a shot because it IS double-elimination. Unfortunately, we are now in the loser bracket, which translates to a lot more ball games. So... we are all going to swelter at the ball field. Other than that... the weekend was nice. We spent all day on Sunday at the lake. We had a great time swimming, watching fish flop near our boat, and enjoying the sun. We even saw a turtle that Bailey is sure was either Ertle or Myrtle (our two pet turtles that we released into the lake last summer because they stank and were outgrowing the aquarium we had for them. Who knew they got huge and could live for so long? Obviously, not us...). It very well could have been, I suppose, considering that it was a red-eared slider and was about the size I would predict that it would be after a year's growth. Probably doubtful, but anyway... 

The kids are enjoying the lake this year, too. It's so nice that Jake will actually get in the water and swim without begging me to get in with him the whole time. They both beg me to get in, but not to the point that they won't get in without me. It is adorable to me how Jake refers to the boat as "his boat." He also calls my car "his car." Apparently we are raising a son who thinks that only men own things (typical, huh?). He refers to everything as Daddy's or his. Bailey and I just get to use their stuff. lol.

On a sidenote, he is doing much better at speaking clearly. He still has some issues with certain words and is too stubborn to try to say certain things, but he is getting better. And, he is doing better at making friends, too. Oh... he hasn't turned into our social child, but he is at least interested in other kids more now. So... progress.

Bailey, on the other hand, is driving me nuts with her social behavior. We can't go to the pool without making a circle around the entire thing to say hi to all of our friends. Everyone there knows us because she makes a point to make sure everyone knows her. I'm not complaining about it... she makes it easy for all of us to make friends. I just have to apologize to people because she latches on to people and follows them around, and sometimes people just want to be alone. lol. 

Photos from the weekend:

They love swimming with Daddy... he's much cooler than Mommy, because he doesn't just float the whole time... Mommy isn't into swimming with fish and other animals. :)

On our float. :) Too bad they kept pulling me off of it.

My tan babies... don't they look adorable? I love them so much.

The turtle... pretty sure he was looking for us. :)