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Up Hill Both Ways...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I'm trying to work on a couple of freelance grant projects, but my computer is downloading a new version of Adobe, so I am waiting...

In the meantime, I thought I'd try to post something. Typically, I have a running list of things on my mind that I'd like to post about, but tonight I was planning on writing about the benefits of arts programming in central Kentucky, not about myself or the kids. lol.

So, forgive me if this isn't the best post in the world!

We put the kids' trampoline up this weekend. We've had it in our garage since the day after Thanksgiving. Yep, you read it right. I bought it then for the kids' birthday for a whopping $160. We showed it to them on their birthdays, but really had not had a good opportunity to get it up in the yard. We are now officially the greatest parents in the world. lol. The kids are so thrilled with it that Jake actually woke us up on Sunday morning at 8 a.m., asking us to go jumping with him. They jumped that morning, in the rain and freezing cold, for about 30 minutes before we forced them to come in. They love it. And, they aren't the only ones. Brad has had his fair share of enjoyment showing off his youthful spirit and doing three back tucks in a row, totally impressing his children. lol. Bailey and Jake's version of his flips are quite hilarious... somewhat dangerous-looking, as they typically involve their foreheads hitting the trampoline, but hilarious nonetheless. And I, even with my ankle hurting, have enjoyed a few bounces and laying on the trampoline while the kids try to bounce me in the air. There's something about it that makes you smile, no matter how old you are.

What's really funny about all of this is that, while Brad still can manage his flips on the trampoline and still looks like a teenager with a big grin on his face the entire time, it has made me realize what old fogeys we are becoming. We have spent more time talking about how "back in the 80s, we didn't have those nets around the trampoline protecting us from falling off the side or getting caught in the springs." :) I think I've had that conversation with everyone in my age group in the past week. We've all compared injuries and mishaps and all of the crazy stunts that we tried that my kids' generation would never even attempt. It just makes me feel like I should tell the kids that I walked ten miles to school in the pouring snow, up hill both ways, sat in the classroom with no heat, and had to come home and cut firewood after class. lol. That's something my papaw would have said...

In all seriousness, I catch myself doing this all the time! I catch myself telling Bailey and Jake about how good they have it and how we didn't have all these luxuries in my day. And, I shudder each time I'm saying it because I know what I sound like. Yet, I continue to do it. I suppose each generation feels that way toward their children. And, theoretically, it is that generation's own fault for providing that luxury to their children. So, why should we lecture them about it when we are the ones providing it and enabling them? I guess to make them appreciate it. But, man, I so hated to hear my grandparents and parents ramble on and on about how great we had it and how terrible they had it. I hate to do that to my kids, too. But, I know I won't stop. lol. It must just be a natural instinct.

So, Bailey and Jake... when you are older and are reading this, you now know why I drove you crazy with my stories of the old days and that I hated that I couldn't stop telling you about it, but you'll do it to your kids, too. So... get over it. :)