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About the kiddos...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
In order to not focus on my frustrations about my ankle, I figure now would be a good time to give everyone an update on the kiddos.

They are, as always, great... busy, but great. T-ball is consuming our lives right now, as Bailey's team fights to bring back a great team from last year. We are young (we only have three 6-year olds, with one of those being a first-time ball player and another being a very young 6-year old). So, our season has been up and down. They have improved SO much since the beginning of the season, which is truly exciting. We are doing much better than many of the teams in our league, but hey, we were nearly undefeated all season last year. As competitive as we are, we like to win. Brad is helping coach and I help by keeping the stats for our team. That means, Jake and I are confined to a dugout full of kids that yell and scream, love to hit each other, and find ways to get on each other's nerves. lol. It's really fun... despite how it sounds. Bailey is doing decent. She's still not ready to play the in-field. I can't recall if I posted a blog about her being hit by the ball while she dug in the dirt instead of paying attention at the beginning of the season. That was when they were thinking she might be able to play the in-field. That isn't happening. :) She does really well with hitting and running the bases. It's slightly frustrating for us with Bailey. She can run so much faster, hit the ball so much harder, and actually throw so much better than she does when she's on the field. We can't really understand why it is that she just takes her good ole sweet time getting to the bag after she hits the ball, but she does. I guess she's just a little girl... lol. As competitive as she is with everything else, I just don't see how she hasn't figured out that she's racing the ball to first base. But, oh well... she'll figure it out or not and we'll move on with life. In any case, she enjoys going and likes the social aspects of the sport, so we continue. And, we love it, too, which helps. :)

Jake's soccer season is just about to end. His last practice will be on Saturday. The team is just now figuring it out and it's already time for it to end. lol. Brad is the coach and it's quite hilarious to see him and our friend, Paul, keeping the attention of ten 3-year olds, but they have managed pretty well. Jake is so proud of his daddy for being the coach, even if he only plays a portion of the time (the other portion is spent chasing Paul's son, Joseph, around and then tackling each other). Every time we mention soccer to Jake, he says, "Jake play soccer... and Daddy play soccer, too." It's so cute. He's so eager to be a part of all of these sports. T-ball practice proves to be difficult because he just can't understand why he can't get out there and play too.

Another thing Jake is saying that is so cute... "On Monday." Every time Jake asks me if we can do something, like go visit grandparents or Cilla, I'll say, "One day..." Jake has turned that into Monday. Now, every time he asks me if we are going to some specific place and I say no, he responds with, "Ok... we go on Monday." It's hilarious.

Well, I know there's so much more to write, but I'm tired and have to get Brad motivated to pack. Yep... he's out of town for a few days for work. So, I'm on my own with practices, kids, etc. Fun times. :) He will be missed, but thank God I'm not working. Life is so much easier now. :)