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Training Day 4

Saturday, May 1, 2010
So, last night I decided that I would really push myself. My patience has been wearing thin on my training schedule. Bailey and I went out and ran a day or two ago and, while we only ran about half of what I normally do, I really felt like I wasn't going hard enough... that just maybe I needed to skip week 2 and move on to week 3. Patience is not something I have. So... I thought this might happen. But, I wasn't sure if I'd be brave enough or in good enough shape to make it through.

I did it. I did the week 3 schedule and even added to it. And it felt good. Don't get me wrong... I was heaving... And I had to count down the last 15 seconds each time, reciting to myself that I was almost there. Here's what my training log looks like:

With all of that being said, I have to buy some new shoes. My ankles are killing me and my heels have blisters where my other shoes have worn spots on them. They just aren't made for running. I'm hoping to buy some before my next run... probably a pair of these: