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Random thoughts for today

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Blackberry cobbler has been on my mind since Cilla and I talked about it yesterday. I need it. Bad. :) With ice cream.

I hate trying to plan a vacation around 5,000 different variables that change daily. Hopefully, we'll be able to sit on a beach in a few weeks, drinks in hand, smelling of suntan lotion, watching the kids build sandcastles and splash in the waves. Fingers crossed.

My son is going to break hearts... I hope I can teach him to respect women and not use them. He is so manipulative. Tonight, he tried to get me to let him stay up late by kissing my on each cheek and the forehead and saying, "Mommy... I love you SOOOO much."

I miss my hubby when he's gone, but love it that eggs and pancakes are easy to fix for the kids and they love having it for dinner.

I just realized that the reason our generation loves to drink their problems away is because that's what they do on television. Every show I've watched in the past two days has involved a woman at a bar drinking because she doesn't know what else to do. Nice.

I took Bailey and Jake to McDonald's for the $.49 ice cream cones this evening. Bailey literally had it up her nose. Jake literally wouldn't eat it because it got on his hand when he held the cone. What's wrong with this picture? Where was my camera?

I'm amazed that Bailey is about to finish her last year of preschool. Is it really possible that she will be starting Kindergarten in a few months? Bittersweet... so bittersweet.