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Bailey's Last Day of Preschool

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
So, first things first... 

Today was my baby girl's last day of preschool.... ever. It does. not. seem. real. I cannot believe that she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. It seems like only yesterday when we were looking for a home in Lexington and talking about how we didn't have to worry about schools or anything for a while because she was just an infant. My how it flies by. 

Bailey enjoying the Musikgarten portion of her last day

She had a great year in preschool this year... I have no regrets about moving her in August to the Christian school. She learned so much. She made great friends. She just grew up. So, it was definitely bittersweet at her little end of the year party today. We still aren't positive about which school Bailey will go to next year, but many of her friends are definitely not returning to the Christian school. I would say there's a good chance that Bailey won't either... which means that many of the little friendships she's formed will not go anywhere from here, except the occasional hello or hug when we run into them at the mall, at ball games, etc. For a child that is so social, that's a pretty big deal. Good thing she doesn't really seem to "get" that just yet. :) 

Bailey and her friend at school... 

I am really excited about Bailey starting school, after summer (of course). I think she will love it and will do well with it. She loves preschool and loves to learn. And, I honestly, love each age and stage that the kids go through. So, I try not to get to emotional about her growing up and moving on. Yet, I have to recognize that it is going by so fast... and I wish I had a pause button every now and then. Just for a little while. :) 

I also have to admit that I am so excited that summer is here. The pool opens on Saturday, we go on vacation in 22 days, and we are getting the boat on the water next weekend. These are the months I have been looking forward to the most since I started staying at home with my kids in February. I love the summer... spending all day in the sun, eating great grilled food, staying out on the back porch until late at night and not even needing a jacket to stay warm, spending days on the boat without a care in the world (a complete escape from any reality)... I just LOVE summer. And, with this being the beginning summer breaks for Bailey, I think I appreciate it that much more. No more getting lunches ready early in the morning. No more going through her folder to make sure I didn't forget to sign something. And, my favorite thing, no more getting up early on a consistent basis. :) 

Summer is here and I couldn't be happier.