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More Running... but not me

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Bailey typically goes to preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but today was an exception. Part of what happens when you send your child to a private school (preschool or not) is that you get involved in the many facets of fundraising for that school. As a professional fundraiser, you would think that I would appreciate and understand that, but I have to say when forking out the cash for tuition, you tend to feel differently. lol. In any case, today's fundraiser was a fun run. I can't help but see the irony in it, with my recent interest in running and all.

Jake and I dropped Bailey off at school this morning, ran a couple of errands, and then made our way back over to the area of the field that was set up for said event. Two makeshift tracks with small cones were set up in a grassy area... one for the preschool and kindergarten classes and another for the first through third grade students. It was a mad house, to say the least, when it first began. Kids were lined up everywhere. I was sure that I would lose sight of Bailey almost immediately. Of course, I did for a portion of the race because she ended up on the wrong track for one lap. lol. However, I was incredibly impressed with her stamina. The maximum amount of laps the children were allowed to run was 35. Bailey ran 34 and a half before they made them stop (time ran out). If you count the one she ran on the wrong track, she did it! :) It wasn't an extreme distance or anything, but she did a great job. Many of the kids her age ran 20 laps. And most of them walked at least a few of the laps. Bailey ran them all. Her face was SO red... but you know... she did it. And she really enjoyed it. Perhaps we have a little cross country runner on our hands? I don't know, but I'm really excited to see her enjoying this activity. I want to encourage her to keep it up. Maybe she'll keep me going.

As for me... well... a few dozen ice packs, Aleve, and a x-ray later... my ankle is "officially" sprained. Fortunately, no breaks or major tears... just enough to make me wear a brace and ice my ankle every 30 minutes or so. Enough to keep me from running for two weeks... and enough to put me so far behind that I'll probably end up starting the whole program all over by the time I actually get back to it. I'm so frustrated, but fortunate that the doctor didn't tell me that I shouldn't run ever again at all. lol. So... we shall see.