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Keeping the Roads Hot...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Hello world! 

I know I've been MIA the past few days, but I'm back! For those of you who I owe e-mails, responses are coming. :) 

It has been a busy few days. I have traveled to and from my parents' and mother-in-law's several times since Saturday, which has consumed a big part of my time. 

Brad spent Saturday morning golfing, while Bailey, Jake, and I hit the neighborhood yard sales. I got two FABULOUS deals at the yard sales - a $3 toddler car seat for Jake and a double stroller (side-by-side instead of row seats) for the kids for $50. The cheapest I had found the strollers was $100 and that was for a used one, so I was pretty pleased with the purchase. It will be nice on vacation, especially when we need to push our stuff instead of the kids to the beach. lol. After our bargain shopping, we made our way to my mother-in-law, Kathy's house for a cookout/party on Saturday evening. 

Sunday was spent shopping with my mom and playing in the yard at their house. Then, we headed back to Lexington for Bailey's t-ball practice. While Bailey and Brad went to ball practice, I started working on my next list item. :) More on that in a bit. 

And then, the week got started. Bailey had preschool on Monday morning. Then, that evening, we made our trip (yet again) back to my mom and dad's house. Tuesday morning was spent taking my mom to visit the college my youngest brother will be attending in the fall to get his financial aid and paperwork all completed. More on that in a bit, too. :) 

Jake ended up staying with Kathy on Tuesday night, since we had to come back for Bailey's t-ball and her last day of preschool was today. The class was having a party and I wanted to attend, so it helped me tremendously to have Jake taken care of. However, that meant one more trip today... only halfway this time... to get my little man and bring him home. Thank God we aren't traveling for Memorial Day. lol. :) 

So, now that you understand why I haven't really written... I'll catch you up on all the little and big details that I've been squeezing in between my trips. :) 

Just for your viewing pleasure... here are some pics of the trampoline and the great times we are all having with it! Best investment EVER!