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The list and the rest of our life... :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Here's just a little update on our lives and my list.

We (FINALLY) have our vacation plans lined out. The week after we set our vacation plans initially, Brad found out that he had jury duty. Fortunately, it was postponed until July, so we are now ready to hit the road in June. That initial vacation was planned for Destin, Florida, but the oil spill hit and looks to be hitting the shore about the same time we would be. So... again, more changes to the vacation. So, after a month or so of searching and figuring out when, where, and how much we could pay, we have found a place in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

We are so excited to get to the beach with the kids. We have never been to Hilton Head and have always heard great things, so we are pretty pumped to be trying something new. Bailey and Jake crack me up. Bailey is super-excited about going to an island. She was a little concerned about how we'd get across the water, but once we had that squared away, she decided that it would be fascinating to be on an island. lol. Jake is just excited about going to the swimming pool. That's really all I hear about from him. :) Brad is really thrilled about the golf... as is my youngest brother, Colt, who will be going with us (along with his fabulous girlfriend, Emily). I'm just happy to be going to a beach, where I can lay and relax and eat dinner at a restaurant every night.

And, well, I have to admit, that my vacation planning also revolved a little around my list. No big surprise that I might be able to mark a few things off of the list. :) Parasailing, a visit to Charleston, South Carolina, and/or Savannah, Georgia, searching for seashells with the kids, and even flying kites on the beach with the kids. I think there's a good chance I can accomplish some things. :) So, be prepared in early July to get a bunch of blogs about that.

Running is still an option... my ankle is getting much better. Special thanks to everyone who has taken a moment to encourage me and wish me well. It means so much that you guys are there for me. It's only because I have someone pushing me (other than Brad) that I will even consider trying again, so THANK YOU. The swelling is going away a little each day, so I'm hoping that by the end of next week (think Memorial Day weekend), I'll be able to get back out there and try again. I'm still shooting for the Bluegrass State Games in July. I might not reach my goal of running without stopping by then, but I'm still going to shoot for it. And, if I don't do it the first time, I will just keep training for it and run one without stopping later in the year. I know I can do it... it just might not be as soon as I had hoped.

I have a few other things that I'm going to blog about soon... some related to the list and some things about my rotten little kiddos and my adorable husband. I'm a blessed woman... that's for sure.