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NCAA Championships!

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Well... I have been updating the blog! If you visit my blog page and see the buttons at the top, you can go to my list any time! I know some of the buttons need to be updated - I'm working on it. :) What's even more cool to me is that I have started adding links to my list about the things that I'm working on. So, you'll see a link to the blog about our Taylor Swift concert experience. You'll also see a link to all of the posts about my training. And, with this, you'll see a link to the NCAA Championship that is marked off.

Which brings me to the reason I'm blogging tonight. I have already marked it off of my list and have never officially blogged about it... the NCAA Men's Basketball Championships in March. 

As most of you probably know, Brad and I are both huge WVU fans. So, when WVU beat UK in the Elite 8 (to everyone's surprise, including ours), we were, needless to say, VERY happy. Not only are we huge WVU fans, but we live in the heart of UK Wildcats country and have to see Blue year-round. So, it was kind of nice to be able to wear our WVU proudly, even if we were a little scared that it might cause us to get our tires slashed or our house burned down. :) 

What was even more exciting is that on the night of UK's defeat, our good friend Travis sent us a message on Facebook saying that he had tickets to the final four and the championship that he would sell us. The tournament was held in Indianapolis, an easy drive for us, and it made sense, especially since WVU hadn't been to a Final Four in about 50+ years. History in the making and so close to home... how could we pass it up? So, after we contemplated how to pay for these tickets and actually looking at our retirement account (lol), we decided to go for it.

Indianapolis is a great city... and we had a great time. WVU lost to Duke in the Final Four, breaking our hearts and making me agree with all UK fans (for once) that I actually HATE Duke. They are so freaking good... it still hurts. :(

However, that didn't affect how much fun we had when we went back to the championship. Butler had a great story, so it was easy to pick who we would root for... anyone but Duke is a good rule of thumb, but Butler was a great pick against any team. Funniest story about our trip though really had to be our dinner when we went to the championship. We drove up for the evening and ate at a place called Rock Bottom Brewery (at the suggestion of our friends).  Since it was raining, we chose not to go walking around town, but instead went to the brewery bar. They have an awesome basement with pool tables and bar tops all over. It was a really fun atmosphere... something I could really see working in Lexington well. But, I digress. 

Brad and I decided to hang out and watch the footage on TV about the upcoming championship while we had a beer and waited for a table. The only beer they served were beers that they brewed in-house. So, I ordered the light version and settled into a corner with Brad. The cup was probably 16 ounces (maybe 12, but I think 16). So, I was thinking I would probably be fine to drink a couple... I usually can handle that, especially with food without it having a big impact on me. Well... I drank one and then got a second as we were seated. I started noticing that I was texting everyone and that I was dropping my fork repeatedly. It occurred to me that I was really buzzing and Brad was totally cracking up. I was so confused on why I was already feeling it... until he explained that it the in-house brewed beer had a much higher alcohol content than my usual Miller Lite. After three beers, I had to hang out for a while because I knew I'd never make it up the steps at the arena. :) So... word to the wise... pay attention when drinking locally brewed beers... apparently they can be much stronger. :) 

Here are a few photos of us having fun in Indy at both of the games. You can see more at my flickr page!