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Popcorn Boy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
What would possess a child to stick something up his nose? I have no idea. But, I do know that a popcorn kernel fits perfectly inside my son's nose and I cannot get it out without medical help. Yesterday, we spent our day in doctor's offices. Plural. Hours. In. Doctor's. Offices. 

At about 1 p.m., I was sweeping in the kitchen while the kids watched Scooby-Doo and ate popcorn. I was trying to get everything cleaned up in the kitchen so that we could go to the pool for a couple of hours. Well, that all changed. Bailey came running in to tell me that Jake had put a popcorn kernel up his nose. I ran in to find him laughing hysterically and pointing to his nose saying, "Mom... wook, I got popcown in my nose." Really? He thought it was fascinating. I tried to push on the side of his nose and have him blow it out, but it was too far up there. So, I called Brad and tried not to laugh as I told him about it. We decided to call the doctor and they told me to bring him in. 

We arrived at the doctor's office. She saw us quickly, scolded Jake, and then told me that she would send me to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist because it was too far up there and she was afraid to hurt him. So... off we went to the second doctor. Jake was thinking this was hilarious the entire time. He told nurses and doctors all about his popcorn and he was nicknamed popcorn boy at both offices. He just loved all the attention. Not a good thing at all. Bailey, on the other hand, decided that this was a good time for her to practice her bossiness and her ability to lecture Jake and spent the entire day telling him that he should NOT have done this. Funny how she was lecturing him, seeing that she stuck popcorn in her nose last summer. Fortunately, we were able to just get her popcorn out easily. Anyway, the ENT doctor was great. He sprayed some medicine in Jake's nose, took a couple of tools, and pulled it out. Jake was great through it all. He didn't seem scared at all and I didn't even have to hold his hand. He just sat there like a big boy. He's always such a tough little patient. I think he was happy to have the popcorn out... he had started complaining while we waited for the doctor that his nose was hurting and it was running a lot. Thank goodness that's all over. 

So... popcorn for Jake? Probably not... at least not without me sitting right beside him the entire time. At least Bailey had been in the room with him. I could just see me finding out a week later that Jake had put it in his nose and it had turned into some terrible infection. God only knows if he's done this before. lol.