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Mini Golf, Lighthouse, and Fireworks...

Thursday, July 8, 2010
This post is going to be categorized as "Activities at the Beach." :) It can't really include portions of our trip that I've already blogged about, like our trip to Savannah or our dolphin watching boat ride. I had considered doing a separate blog on each of the activities, but that seems a little too organized. And, despite my OCD tendencies, I'm pulling away from that organization a little. :) 

Here goes. :) 

When Brad and Colt came home from their first night of golfing, the kiddos were ready to do some golfing of their own. They wanted to try miniature golf or putt-putt. Brad and I were curious to see how this would go and thought they'd have fun. So, off we went. Bailey and I both got separate holes-in-one. Pat on my back. Brad killed us on the score, so I have to take it where I can. Of course, we helped the kids on most holes, but after Bailey got her hole in one, she decided she was good on her own. (Rolling eyes here). :) I figured it was no big deal. She wanted to do it on her own... I could relate. So, I let her go. Brad, being the ultra-perfectionist that he is, tries to help her do it "right" and she refuses his help. Before all is said and done, Brad has her crying because she isn't doing it "right." So much for fun. lol. I lectured to him about how this was supposed to be fun, not instructional golf. Of course, he understood what I was saying and I had to agree that she should have listened simply because he was the authority figure. Ah... the struggles. Anyway, it was fun (for the most part). Jake was really tired and refused to golf the last hole by the time we got there. He was just downright exhausted and was NOT going to golf any more. No matter how much we wanted him to finish it. lol. :) Afterward, we had ice cream and all were happy to go home and get in bed.

The lighthouse was one of my favorite things about Hilton Head. Despite its commercial existence, it is actually a very nice feature of the island. There are lots of shops and restaurants surrounding it and the view is beautiful. We went up in the lighthouse right before the sunset, so we were able to see a truly magnificent sunset, complete with a dolphin or two splashing in the water. There is also a very nice pier at the lighthouse, which was fun for us and the kids. I don't know what it is about a pier that is so fun, but I love to walk out on one and see the water beneath me. I guess it's just the idea that you don't really get to "walk on water" any other time. 

On Tuesday of the week we were in Hilton Head, we went to see the fireworks. The kids were tired from spending the day at Savannah. Scratch that... we were all tired. But, we wanted to see the fireworks and it was a really nice evening. The kids enjoyed snow cones and bounced in the inflatables until bad behavior interfered and they were parked in the stroller. The fireworks were nice, but probably not worth the wait and frustration when we were already so tired. Next time (if we ever get back there), we will plan to eat there and spend the evening relaxing on a patio. Live and learn. Still, overall, not a bad experience. :) 

Brad holding the kids so they can see the fireworks... not just a random photo of his butt. :)


  1. cheryl said...:

    Looks like you guys had a great trip! And I'm loving the new blogging you! ;)

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Thanks, Cheryl! I'm enjoying the blogs... it's a great escape. :)