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Help Jess Win!

Friday, July 23, 2010
We were never close friends... we were only friends through our brothers, who played ball together throughout our childhood. I always thought she was a super-sweet girl and loved her family. They were all just good people. So, when I heard that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor a little over a year ago, my heart just dropped. I couldn't believe that she, being so young, had been dealt such a terrible hand. I quickly began following her journey to have "Bertha" removed. I kept up with her progress through Facebook (what else?!) and hoped and prayed that she'd be able to beat this. Fortunately, it was not cancer, but a disease that she would have to beat. And she (with the grace of God) kicked Bertha's butt. 

I have to say that I was so impressed by Jess and her story. She is an inspiration. Not only did she beat "Bertha," she did it with the most wonderfully positive attitude. I hope that if I ever received the scariest news of my life that I would handle it the way she did... with prayer and faith. And, if I did pull through it all and beat it, I hope that I would be as thankful to God as she was. I have to say that I doubt that I would be. I am sure that I would focus on the negative and blame God instead of praising him. I hope I'm wrong, if I'm ever dealt something like this, but I just can't see me being as positive as Jess. 

Anyway... I don't typically dedicate a post to someone that I'm not that close to, but I have to share this. As a new runner, I want to share Jess with all of you. She is now training to run her first 5K and is in a contest with her other fellow runners. Whoever receives the most comments on their blog will receive a prize! Please read her blog and, if you feel compelled, post a comment. You all know how much your support and comments have helped me to train and feel confident in myself with running. Please share with her what you have with me! And, help her win a prize, too! :) Comment by July 31st. 

Here's how you can help. 

2. Visit the Team GoSmart blog: http://community.active.com/groups/team-gosmart
3. Leave a comment, question, or motivation on any of my posts before July 31st.
4. Feel free to add me and Jess as your friend!