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Great day...

Sunday, July 18, 2010
A day full of running. Or not running. I didn't run at the Bluegrass State Games, which was probably a good thing. More time to heal... and to get back into my groove. 

The kind of running I did do was to the ball park, to the fabric store, to the gas station, etc. And finally... it rained. :) So, we were confined to our house. Thankfully. Brad went to a Reds game with some of our friends (a guys trip). The kids and I were happy to have a movie night. A night of nothing planned and nothing that we HAD to do.

So, I introduced our kids to one of the classics tonight. The Sandlot. They loved it. Jake was so intrigued by the dog... or the "monster" as he called it. Bailey was more interested in the emotional aspects of it all... her biggest concern was whether or not they'd ever be allowed to go back to the pool. And, she predicted quite early the marriage between the lifeguard and the kid with the glasses, who I have already forgotten his name. :) She was also very interested in learning more about the "Great Bambino." :) 

I loved it. It was like going back to my childhood. It was a favorite in our house. My brother, Cory, and I would go around quoting lines from the movie and re-enacting various aspects of the movie. That was at a time in my life when I knew baseball and loved it. The Reds were the greatest team in the world... and we would spend hours upon hours organizing and reorganizing baseball cards by team, year, or alphabet. I guess maybe subconsciously I had these things on my mind because Brad was going to the Reds game, but I didn't really think about it (thus the subconscious thing). lol. And, guess what Brad brought home? A Chris Sabo bobblehead. Absolutely freaking hilariously awesome. :) 

And, once the kids were in bed, it was a time for me to watch a classic... Sleepless in Seattle. Ah... what a great movie night. 

Tomorrow... to Holiday World! I am SO excited! :)

By the way, I have to say  (because he told me to) that my husband is so awesome. He fixed my laptop AND saved all my pictures. Go Brad. :) 

And, officially, t-ball is over. :) Back to life as usual.