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Friday, July 16, 2010
Bailey is officially admitted in the neighborhood school that we have had her on the waiting list for! We are so excited. I think I am mostly excited about this because it will make my life SO easy. It is also a very good school, where she knows a lot of the students already and where I think she will learn a lot. And, my favorite part, is that there aren't uniforms, like there are at her previous private school preschool. Not that there isn't a wonderful argument for uniforms. I loved the easiness of them (I never spent more than a few minutes picking out her clothes). I also love the equality that they represent and the barriers that they remove. With that being said, I love little girl clothes. And, now, I get to go school shopping for them! :) Yes... I know boys. This is definitely not a blog post that I expect you guys to like. :) I will promise to all of you men/boys, I will be bringing some cool sports elements to my blog in the future, just to make sure I don't lose you guys. Yes, all three of you. 

Anyway, so off we will go to find the perfect school outfits, on sale, of course. :) If you have suggestions, let me know... and better yet, if you have online coupons that you won't be using, please send them my way. :) Prepare for the onslaught of cute outfits I'll be posting in the near future for Bailey's future Kindergarten year. :)