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Student of the Month

Friday, October 1, 2010
I make no excuses for bragging on my kids. I am sure it annoys the crap out of some people. Some people would probably hate to read my blog, because, in fact, a lot of it is me going on and on about my kids and how wonderful I think they are. Well, if you are one of those people, you really should stop reading this post. :)

I worked it out with my boss to come in and leave an hour early from work on Wednesday. I did this because Bailey's school has a monthly music showcase that they present and, on Wednesday, they were holding the first one of the year. Of course, I knew a lot of it would be the kids huddled up together, picking at one another, picking their noses, or waving at their families, and not a lot of it would consist of singing. I contemplated not going at all, not because I didn't want to be there, but I hated to have to "work out" my schedule when I was only two weeks into the job and then go to something at Bailey's school that wasn't really "necessary." It's kind of like I feel like I should budget these things... that I should make sure to use my time as wisely as possible because I might really "need" to be at something, like a school field trip. However, the mom guilt that plagues me daily pushed its way through and I went ahead and worked it out to go.

I was so happy that I did. Bailey's teacher, Mrs. O., came up to me as soon as I got there and said, "Oh... I am so glad you are here. I started to e-mail or call you to tell you to come, but I knew you had just started your job and I didn't want you to be really worried if you couldn't be here. Bailey is getting recognized as the Student of the Month from our class!" Relief washed over me. Thank goodness I had worked it out. Not that it would have been the end of the world if I hadn't made it. But, I know my daughter well enough to know that the self-induced guilt I have would be nothing in comparison to the guilt that she would have placed on me by saying, "And such and such's mom was there. And you and Daddy weren't... why weren't you there?" She would follow it up with a pitiful pouty face.

She was completely surprised when they called her name and gave her the certificate. She was thrilled. She kept waving to me and pointing to the certificate, and, of course, showing all of her friends. I was excited for her and very proud of her... especially when I read what the certificate said, "Bailey has a positive, can-do attitude and is a team player. She is willing to work hard to achieve her goals. Bailey works efficiently and always stays on task. She is a great friend to every child in our classroom."

I know the wonderful qualities my daughter possesses. I don't need her to get awards and trophies to make me proud of her. But, it does feel really good when others recognize all of the wonderful things that we see in her. She is a leader, not a follower. We prayed she would be able to stand on her own two feet and not follow the crowd. She loves to please people, so we have always worried that she would give in to her friends and do whatever they were doing, despite the rules. But, after seeing how well she is doing in school, we couldn't be more proud. We are so hopeful that this continues throughout the years... :)

So, sorry if I have annoyed you guys, but I just have to brag on my baby. She can be so rotten and we have such a hard time channeling all of her energy some days. As a parent, I have this intrinsic fear that we are going to screw up our kids' lives by teaching them or not teaching them things. But on days like this one, I feel confident that she will be just fine... way to go, Bailey... we are SO proud of you.