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OK... A 10K

Saturday, October 2, 2010
As I have alluded to recently, I am trying to make my blog less about my running. It has been hard to do that. For one, I really like to blog about it because I feel like it makes me accountable for it. For, two, I really like to "keep it real" on here and just blog freestyle. That sounds like I'm talking about skateboarding or rapping or something. lol. But, I like to just get on here and really write what is going on in my head, however crazy that might be. So, bear with me while I share yet another running post. 

I might or might not have mentioned that I was training for a 10K that was originally scheduled for November. Since then, the race has been cancelled. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it, but if not, now you know. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago, when I found out that the race wasn't happening, I started searching for a 10K to replace it. It's getting cold out, people, and there are less races in the winter. I'm guessing weather might be a factor. lol. 

I started to run the CASA 10K with Rebecca, but decided I wasn't ready. And, I decided I could suck it up and get ready for a 10K by October 2 (TODAY!). I've been doing well with my running. I am getting faster. I am running further. I'm still not super speedy and I still can't run more than a 6-miler. But, I'm getting there. 

So, you can imagine my dismay when, once again, my ankle begins to hurt and swell this week. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? It's a week before a race. OF COURSE my ankle hurts. OF COURSE it does. 

I've rested it for three days. Let's hope it handles the race tonight. 

So, for those of you who are reading before 5:00 tonight, please say a little prayer that I pull through and finish my first 10K. I'd like to set a goal that I'll finish in an hour, but I'm just shooting for finishing tonight. I will keep you posted on how it goes. :) Thankfully, I'll have Rebecca running in front of me, so I'll have someone to try and keep up with. LOL!


  1. Dawn said...:

    You'll rock it!! And blog away about running :). I for one love reading about it :)