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A little golfer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I have posted about how wonderful it is to see Brad and Jake develop that really cool Father-Son relationship. It's probably one of my favorite things about having a little boy. It's wonderful that Jake is such a mommy's boy, but I sincerely love to watch him grow into that little man that I see him becoming one day. It is just so special. 

So, when Brad mentioned golfing with Jake on Sunday, I practically shoved them out the door. Bailey was upset that she wasn't going and Brad actually considered taking them both. After some careful thought, we decided that Bailey should shop with me (we had to buy the kids' clothes for their photo session for the holidays) and that she would get to go with Brad on the next round. Jake wasn't excited at first, but when he saw how much Bailey wanted to go, he quickly changed his mind. 

He looked so adorable... so adorable. I just can't explain how much I loved seeing him all ready to go. From what I understand, he did really well. Brad went with the expectation of only being able to golf nine holes. I packed them a cooler of snacks, just to provide an easy distraction. I truly thought they'd make it a few holes and Brad would be regretting taking him. I was wrong. They golfed 18 holes. Brad said that he asked Jake after 9 holes if he wanted to go home or go 9 more. Jake's response was, "We go 6 more." Brad said on the 7th hole, he was ready to go. My boy knows his limits. :) 

Anyway, they had a great time and I foresee many more father-son golfing trips in the immediate future. It's a great help for me. It's a great experience for them. It's a great chance for me and Bailey to share some girl time. It's just great. :) 

Thank God for daddies who take the time to make things special for their sons. :)