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Trip away!

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Brad and I are about to hit the road. We are headed out of town for a wedding in South Carolina and are going without the kids. It's our first long weekend trip away, I think. I can't really remember another long weekend away from home without them. But maybe my brain is just not functioning. You see, in order for us to leave town, the grandparents have graciously (and I think happily) agreed to have a weekend with the kids. Kathy has them tonight and all day tomorrow. My mom and dad have them all night on Friday and Saturday. We pick them up on Sunday.

Preparing for us to go out of town isn't exactly easy. It's nothing like it used to be when we had to pack diapers and bottles and formula and basically an entire Ryder truck just to go out of town for a weekend. But it's still not easy. Bailey has school tomorrow, so lunch must be ready to go, homework all set, and clothes laid out. They must have bags packed to go to their mimi and poppa's house. Normally, that wouldn't be much, but with the weather going from summer to fall all in one day this time of year, packing becomes more difficult. They must pack their toys and movies, too. At least that is one area that I do not have to handle.

We are really excited about getting away and enjoying some time together. Plus, it's kind of neat for us to go back to Columbia. It is the place we stopped at to spend the night on our honeymoon all those years ago before departing for Miami.

We will miss out on (what we hope) will be a great football game this weekend at UK. Colt and Emily were happy to help us out with those tickets. So, if you see Colt on tv this week, don't be surprised. Apparently we have good seats for the video camera or Brad has a lover that I don't know about. :)

For those of you who don't know, Brad was shown on last week's game several times. He had his game face on in this shot. lol. Thanks, Cilla. And, sorry to all of you UK fans who now hate Brad because "you've been going to the UK games for years and he isn't a UK fan and gets on TV..." :) You know who I'm talking about.

Don't tell the kids they can't go to the game. It is all the rage for them to go tailgating. And, no, for anyone who would dare ask, they are NOT drinking beer. They just wanted to be cool and have coozies for their pop. Yes. They do drink an occasional soda. I know... I'm a horrible parent. Burn me at the stake later, Bret. :) At least we have them cheering on the cats now, OK? :)

Isn't he cute in his solid blue "non-UK" shirt? :) I love him. Really. I do.