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One more list item down!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
As soon as I mark one thing off the list, I add another 3... in my mind, at least.

On our trip to South Carolina, Brad and I spent a lot of time talking about things that we want to do and try and love and all that. You know, we didn't have kids to yell at or to referee for... we had to find SOMETHING to talk about. Naturally, I thought of my list. :)

I turn 30 in a little over a month. I have spent about six months trying to mark things off my list... only to add more when I turn 30. So, be prepared. A revision is in order. I know, you are all wondering, "What in the world could she possibly add to her list? There's too much on there already..." There's more. Dream big...

Until then, I am enjoying my last few weeks in my twenties. I am determined to make the most of them so that I can say, "I did that when I was in my twenties." :) I guess it isn't a surprise or a huge accomplishment that I have marked this next one off my list, even though this is one of those items that I will have to repeat every year. You know, when I made the list, I was thinking long-term and wanted to have items that I continued to mark off every year. This is one of those. But, it still counts as being marked off... just only for this year. Can you tell that I worry about these things? It actually disturbs me in the strangest ways. I really feel this need to approve this by all of you readers. :)

Anyway... I have now accomplished my ten new recipes for the year. And, as I mentioned before, I could have easily made it "Complete 10 new recipes from the Pioneer Woman and become completely obsessed with her, to the extent that I need a category on my blog called 'My obsessions with the Pioneer Woman.'"

I completed my list item with one of my favorite recipes yet... the stuffed shells. And, as usual, the Pioneer Woman did not disappoint. This recipe was incredible. I love pasta. I love cheese. I love pasta stuffed with cheese and served with garlic bread. It was great. So, if you love these things, you need to try this recipe, too.

And, here are my ten recipes for this year, ordered in my most favorite to least favorite:

PW's Stuffed Shells
PW's Shrimp Pasta
PW's Friend's Herb Crusted Whole Chicken
PW's Meat Loaf

PW's Crispy Yogurt Chicken
PW's Au Gratin Potatoes
PW's Chicken Stir Fry

And, since my husband and kids and family and friends and virtually every stranger I meet are all tired of hearing about my obsession with the Pioneer Woman, please send me some new recipes and/or blogging cooks so that I can add a variety for next year. Even though I am quite certain no one can meet up to the standard set by Pioneer Woman, I am open-minded. :) And, don't worry. I am not planning to stop blogging about her fabulous recipes... that is until she sends me a "cease and desist order" because I keep blogging about her. She is probably working with an attorney as we speak. Seriously, should I be worried? I hadn't really thought about how much I blog about her. She might really not like it. At all. Maybe I should calm down about the Pioneer Woman for a bit. 

Oh, but what in the world would I cook then? :)