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Great weekend

Monday, October 18, 2010
It was a great weekend. 

It was a really great weekend. 

It was a really, really great weekend. 

I had envisioned starting this post this way and then adding a photo after each line of my favorites from the weekend. It would have included a photo of me with a beer. It would have included a photo of my hubby laughing. It would have included a picture of us all celebrating at the wedding, partially because of the wedding and partially because UK beat South Carolina while we were at the reception and we watched the score on the phone. Did I mention that we were in the heart of South Carolina country? As in, the Lexington, Kentucky of South Carolina's fans? Yes, the win was very sweet. It was almost up there with the WVU defeat of UK in the Elite 8 last year... OK. So, I'm exaggerating. But, it was pretty funny that my husband repeatedly asked the DJ to announce the final score of the game (even though Brad "is not a UK fan"). I am very relieved that a fight did not break out. I would have had to defend my inebriated husband and I was wearing a short dress and heels. It would have been ugly. :) 

Anyway, my point in going on that really long tirade? My camera is gone. No where to be found. It is somewhere between my mom's kitchen and all of our luggage and/or truck. Gone. We have searched high and low. I have no clue what I could have done with it.I'm just hoping it isn't in the driveway or on the road. I am sad. There were some good pics on there... and I love that camera. It's only a year old. Not even a year old. :( I hope I find it. :( 

But, until then, I will share with you this... it was a really great weekend. :) And now I'm looking at a pile piles of laundry and wishing that it were still the weekend. More to come later!