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Training Day 3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Tonight was the end of my first week of training... or day 3 of my training. Basically, it's the last day before I move up to the next step in the training. I was not really in the mood to go out and train, especially since we had just gone out to eat at the Outback with Brad's mom and the kids for Brad's birthday. However, tomorrow is a busy day and we have a t-ball game tomorrow evening, so I figured I had better get my run in while I could.

The start was rough. I was out of breath after the first minute of running and I could feel the food I ate at Outback putting more pressure on my chest. Yep... bad idea to run after going out to eat. But, I managed to push through it. After the first three segments of running, I felt good. It was kind of cold tonight and it felt great. By the fifth (of the planned eight) running segments, I was ready to push myself. Since I am going to be moving up to the next level in a day or two, why not go ahead and test myself to see how hard it would be? Well, I'm probably going to regret it tomorrow, but I ran 90 second segments (instead of 60 second) the rest of the time and I ran an extra segment, too. And, it felt great. I was hot and sweaty. And, when I got home, I felt like I had entered an oven. But, it felt great. If only it would be 50 degrees in July. :)

And, I do have to say that this blog is helping me. I know it's probably not incredibly interesting for anyone but me to track each little portion of my training, but it is making me feel like I need to stick with it. Plus, it helps to have the support system of everyone encouraging me. Thank you guys... for tolerating me. :)