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Stay-at-home mom... chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, baker, seamstress...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Before I was a stay-at-home mom...

I envisioned days of a completely clutter-free, clean house, with meals organized ahead of time and a calendar that both made sense and was easy to keep.

I imagined sitting down with a good book every once in a while to read while the kids enjoyed playing outside or inside, depending on the weather.

I dreamed of going to the grocery store with a list and coming home, having not forgotten anything on said list and not needing to make a return trip for at least a week.

I thought it would be easier to schedule lunch dates and play time with friends.

Now that I am a stay-at-home mom...

I wish that my house would stay clean for at least an hour. Just one hour... not even a whole day. :)

I wish that I could remember what day of the week it was and which person has to be where and when. Just to keep up with t-ball, swimming, soccer, church, preschool, birthday parties, Brad's softball/basketball schedule, and my need for at least some semblance of a life, I have to have a calendar... just like the one I used when I worked. Seriously?! :)

Read? A book? What?

Grocery trips = at least twice a week, but most of the time I forget something and have to go again. lol.

Lunch with friends? Getting around to it... constantly getting around to it. If they'll ever still have me by the time I "get around to it." :)

However, I am NOT in any way complaining. I honestly could not ask for a better life (maybe just a little better organizational skills)... I get to watch my kiddos grow up, enjoy the little things, like a long walk, a push on the swings, or stories about princesses that kiss frogs or heroes that kill bad guys, and I get to spend my weekends enjoying my time with my hubby instead of playing catch up on the cleaning and laundry. Complaining? Absolutely not... just thinking about how naive I was. :)

So... to the lady who asked me if it was nice just laying around the house instead of working... :) Well... glad she doesn't read my posts, because I might just have to give her an earful!