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Tough Parts of Parenting

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
One of the hardest parts about parenting for me is being objective. I remember before I had kids... there were just things that I knew I would do or not do. It was simple to me... black and white... easy. Funny how that all changes with your child's very first breath of life. Not only do you find the most love in the world, you have a whole new set of mistakes just ready to be made.

I know that when I look at my children, they are happy. They are mostly good and always loving. They aren't perfect. They can be complete brats. They can ignore simple commands out of choice and make decisions that they know are poor choices just to get attention.

So, why worry? I don't know. Maybe because Brad and I were raised a little differently than our two kids are being raised. We both were raised with a little less than most, learning to appreciate and value the things we had because we didn't have everything. We both saw our parents work hard and struggle and not always make enough for everything. We also both saw that our parents worked hard and gave us everything we needed and most of the things that we wanted, even when it meant they had to sacrifice their own wants and needs. It's a real catch-22 for us in figuring out how to balance the way we raise them. We want to give them every experience... we want them to have the things that make them happy. I would even venture to say that we want them to have any experience we did have or didn't have. At the same time, we want the kids to appreciate these things. We want them to get that same thrill that we both got over small things in life or the awe and excitement over the big things in life. So, how do we balance it? We work on it. In a lot of ways, I think it would be good for us to take away some of the luxuries our kids are used to... make them realize how easy they have it. And, at some point, I'm sure that we will do just that... when we see that the kids really don't appreciate the wonderful things they receive. Right now, we see them get excited about things and see them awestruck at the wonders of the world. There are other glimpses though... I am just hoping that we don't see them getting stronger or taking over their little lives. We shall see...

Tomorrow night just might be a test for Bailey. I'm often concerned that she might not realize how wonderful her life is... she is increasingly demanding and high-maintenance. She and I have tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. She seems really excited, but a little confused about what we will be doing. I'm hopeful that once she sees it, she will be amazed. My fingers are crossed...

And, if she doesn't enjoy it the way I hope she will, it will be the last one she goes to until she is much older. :) And, I will have a heck of a good time anyway! :)