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Training Day 2

Monday, April 26, 2010
So, yesterday (Sunday) was my second day of training. I think it's funny that I call it training, but I don't know what else to call it. It makes me feel like I'm getting ready for a boxing match. My dad and brother have been "training" their whole lives and that typically involves them working out, sparring, running, etc. to get ready for a fight. So... training, but not fighting. lol.

Anywho... I had planned to run on Saturday, but it was way too busy and ended up storming all afternoon. We spent Saturday morning (bright and early) at the soccer field with Jake. Then, we went directly to the t-ball field for Bailey's game, had a pizza party with her team after the game, went straight from there to Gattitown for Austin's birthday party (you know, Bailey's future husband), and finally got home at about 4, right after the thunderstorms started. So, our day was exhausting. Even if it hadn't rained, I don't think I would have had the energy to go and run. Not to mention that it was Brad's birthday... :) I'll post more about that later.

So, I ran on Sunday. The weather was perfect at about noon, so I figured I better get the run in before it started to rain again. I started out feeling great. I felt like I could breathe easier and run a little longer than I had been. However, I stuck to the plan. By the end of the run, I felt pretty tired. Glad I didn't push myself to do more early on. :) I would have died before I made it home. Day two is done. Just one more before I move up to the next level. Hoping I can do it... :)

Oh... and thank you to everyone who has been SO supportive and sent me encouraging messages and inspirational stories to read. It helps me stay motivated. I have a feeling that about halfway through this program, I'll have to go back through and re-read everything you all have sent me so that I can keep up the energy to do this! :)